Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Sunday....can't believe it is rainy and cooler here...this weather is so crazy. What is going on???

Chase had his last t-ball game a really cool trophy. He was soooo proud of it! But poor little Hayden just kept saying....."Too??? Too, please mommy? Too" Broke my little heart. This whole experience has been hard on him. He hasn't understood why he can't get a shirt and hat like brother (though we tried to get him one to isn't like brother's!!!), why he can't play on the field with them, why he didn't get in the team photos and now...the biggest and worst...why he didn't get a trophy. Try to explain that to a two year old...especially one who has ALWAYS gotten to do what brother did. Sigh. I think it was harder on meeeee, lol.

Then my fam damily came over for a bit...I am so lucky. As crazy as they make me (and the DOOOOOOOOOOOO make me crazy!!!) we are always there for each other. They came up (my aunt and grandparents drove from Folsom (about 1.25 hrs from here) and mom and dad came from 1hr--Sacramento just to see little man's last game...they haven't missed one game! Bran's sister has come to every game too! And his mom came from an hour away to see it. I have so many friends who do not have this kind of support...and I really do feel blessed. These boys will know with out a doubt that they are important and loved.

Then Brandon and the boys and I just hung out in the backyard...played some tunes, played with the squirt gun and then did our home made slip and slide. Bran puts down some bubble wrap (bubble side down) under the slide...sprays it with the hose and the boys go whizzing down. They have sooooooo much fun! I had a blast just watching...though I did want to jump on in and slide...but it might have broke and that would NOT be good!

Wanna see some pics??? huhuhuh do ya? ;) click on it to make it bigger.

We really had a nice evening together. I didn't even have the itch to come in and scrap or design?!?!?!? CAn you believe that? We reallllllly needed a good family night...things have been so tense and wierd here.

Then today Bran and the boys let me finish designing this fun kit I started...almost have the add-on done too. Decided that would be my prize for Digital Freebie's Two Sketch Challenges this month. If you haven't joined in yet, you better jump on is going to be a good prize this month, lol.

Here is the kit....Birthday Doodle (will go in the store at digital freebies on Tuesday for 40% off the regular price)

Speaking of challenges....I have a couple going on.

My monthly element challenge at Rakscraps. I really love to see what everyone does with these. know how Raks ct make a mega kit every month? Well I am doing another Use it challenge. Use what you get from any of the mega kits (the layout has to be a new one too) and you will get an add on to my kit I made this month. It was a great theme....Boys. You know I love boy kits, lol!

Here is the preview for all the kits that were created:

Here is the part of it I made:

so....go ahead and make a layout using part of any rak's mega kit(s) (give proper credit to each designer). Post in your gallery and post a link here at Rakscraps in this thread. Make my day!!!

hugs and smooches.


Mish said...

Cute stuff you've been designing lately are one busy gal! Love the pics of the homemade slide...we do stuff like that at our house too. Isn't it fun?

Deb said...

Oh man - you're water slide looks so much fun! What a cool idea :)

Maby said...

Great kit!! And that mega kit! WOW!!! Off to check it out! As a mom of Two boys - this will be great!!

Kim said...

Such a cute kit! Love the water slide shots. Too fun. Glad you had such a nice day! :)

Tania said...

Oh I love home made water slides! I miss those! We don't have a yard, so we've never done this with JT, but it's a must. Cute kits Tracy! Smoochies :D

mrs.S said...

Oh wow, that water slide looks like sooo much fun, Tracy! I wish I could've joined...LOL! Glad you had a fab time with your family, bella!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the meaga kit!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!! Love RakScraps!
And the waterslide pics are too cute too!