Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello and happy Saturday! What a whirlwind life has been lately. May is one of my busiest months...lots of bdays, end of school, anniversaries, etc. I am still trying to catch up, lol.

I wanted to share some more layouts with is one I did of my beautiful mommy....I used New Beginnings by Eve Recinella at scrapgirls(font is Susie's Hand)

Here are some more ppl who played with my scan in an object challenge at Rakscraps

Done by s3js

Done by Teddyprayer

Then A couple people have sent me their layouts that they made with the Friday freebie I gave away at Digital freebies...I just love when people do that!

This one is by Gloria

This one is by is her granddaughter and her best friend over in Iraq.

How funnnn!

Then....I have a couple new kits coming out....but Digital Freebies is having some ftp as soon as they are fixed, you will have them. And I will have a special little bonus available here...goes with one of them.

I also had someone contact me regarding more illegal sharing of one of my freebies I shared. I know people still don't get what the big deal is....I know it is really hard for some people to get their head around. But...a lot of people who give away freebies later make them into kits to sell. Sometimes I do that and sometimes I don't. But the thing that gets me...the reason sites like Digital freebies etc give away freebies is to give samples of the designer's work and to get people to come to the site. So if you give away a link for the kit, they are not going ot the site.

Here are the newest people on my Poop List!!!!

Jessica who is a member of run by Miss Sue!

On to better news....tonight I am having a going away party for my I will have some fun pics to share...hope you all have a great weekend!!!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are fighting back the piracy girls - they make me sick how they steal and think it is ok. List 'em all even if it doesn't shame 'em!!

Kim said...

Tech note: The video thingy (yep, I believe that's the official term) keeps launching a window asking me to put in my username and password.

Wonderful layouts. The one you did is really beautiful. :)

So sorry you got pirated. That stinks. :(

mrs.S said...

TracyB, can I just say that I love it when you say "Harrrruuummph!". LOL!!! I can almost hear you saying it. Hope all is better with you and the hubs, hun!

Oh, and that LO you did is fabulous!!!

Tania said...

Oh poopy on the pirater! The layout of your Mom is gorgeous, it's amazing how styles come and go, I could have sworn I saw those shades on someone a couple days ago!

Gina said...

Ahoy, matey! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. ;) Crackin' me up! Love you, love you, love you - girlfriend!

And,'ve been tagged:

Melinda said...

piraters- yuck! sorry you are having to deal with that again :(

Neat LO of your mom!

Hey, did you get that file of photos I sent you?? I have more I picked out to send you too if I can get on a faster connection... I love my 6megapixel camera, but it sure makes it harder to share pics with people on my ice-age connection. Oh well- that's life.

Melinda said...

OH yeah, been meaning to mention the video- thingy pw popup box too.

Julie said...

Stay strong Tracy... We are standing behind you and all your work... Keep up the great works sweetie.... Everything and everyones lo's look wonderful.

Oh and sorry to do this to ya but Darling you have been TAGGED


Julie said...

opps... guess I should read all your comments before posting.. HA HA oh well you have been tagged twice now I guess. :-) ahhh you are so loved.