Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can NOT believe that is Thursday! My goooodnnessss! The week is a blur...spent cleaning and shuttling the kiddos around.

Here are the highlights, lol

**Monday...I chickened out of getting plugs for my tearducts. I will do it...really
I will.

We took both boys for a free lesson of Kuk Sool (martial arts) that our
friends love. Chase was in the dragons and Hayden was in turtles a pre-
school program). They were too cuteeee. I loved it. they ran, they did
lots of stretching and bends, they learned to wrestle (Chase was not too
sure about this since I am always telling him to stop wrestling his bro.)
Kicks and jabs etc...they were exhausted. They really want to keep going,
though not sure we can afford it. It is pretty pricey...the same as all
the others in town...but still.

**Yesterday I worked in Chase's class...they have eggs in the incubator, silk worm
eggs hatching, butterflys in their chrystalis'...we made coffe filter
butterflies and painted ones...then had a safety class.

The boys and I hit Petsmart afterward. We try to go at least once a week
just to check out all the kritters...we stay for at least an hour. they
are getting to know us there, hehe.

Last night was his open house...he was so cute a proud showing us around
(like we haven't seen him working on it all since we both work in his
class every week teeehehee). but it was so fun.

Today I have a meeting with the cardiologist and plan the big tests for me...oh joyyy
and then will just play with my mommy. Bran and I are celebrating our
anniversary tonight since we have no sitters this weekend (6yr wedding ann
on Sunday). Not sure where we will go...he wants to make a night of it...
I am like...dinner and home, hehe. We will see.

I have several layouts in the works but none ready for viewing...I haven't been able
to scrap as much as usual this week...been too tired at night ;)

I have had several people asking about my Beach House kit and where they can find it. Sammy took it out of the store (she likes to keep it fresh and new). So I put it in a new bargain basement part of this blog...go here. This is where I will put things I retire etc. Here is what it looks like:

I am offering the bonus to it again for those who missed it. I like the alpha...can be used on all kinds of layouts. I need to use some of my own kits...isn't it funny that I don't really scrap with my own goodies? I have heard a lot of people say they don't either

Click here to download...leave me a hi and howdy-o!

don't forget to head over to SDK to see all the new stuff from my is 40% off the first week...some are almost to full price now. Hurrryyyyy!!

oh...and I am working on a new freebie double template for ya...per your request! ;) and running!
hugs and happy scrapping!!


Lisa said...

Tracy, Thanks for sharing this cute freebie! Hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating your anniversary!

LVMommy22 said...

happy anniversary! i love your idea for a bargain basement! hope to see all your older goodies make their way into there ...
:) M

muriel said...

Thanks for this cute add-on!