Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Template Tuesday strikes again!! woohooooooooooooooooooo

got to love me some templates

I love to make them

love to use them

love to share them

but first you have to listen to me drone on and on, hehehehhe

happy tuesday my lovelies! hope you are all well. sorry I have been mia again...I am going to stop promising to be around more...seems like when I do, life happens. We are all good and well.

The weather cooled down here for a couple days so that was verrrrry nice! loved it!

boys have been ok...they caught a little summer cold....crazy how that happens...must have been from the store or something seeing as no one we have been around is sick.

We are getting some work done on our house....minor repairs...but hte best thing is our friend used his big ole tractor thing to rip out some huge bushes in our front yard and dug out a big patch of lawn....for......a PATIO! yayayayay. I have been wanting one out there. I think it will allow me to get to know the neighbors more and I will be more willing to let the boys play out front. I don't like to go sit on the side walk in a chair, kwim. so our almost sil will pour the cement for it soon...but up a little wall around it and my aunt is giving us her teak patio set....so this whole thing will be built for just the cost of friendship and cement cost. I am so excited. will take some pics...I hope I got some of the bushes prior to all this.

school is almost here...we start on the 20th! I cannot believe how early it will be. geesh. and Chase will be starting all day school for first grade. how will I be with out him from 8a to 3p? I am welling up every time I think about it. And poor hayden will be heartbroken without his brother. he hatesssss to be without him. sighhhh. we will be two lost souls clinging to each other, heheheh. overly dramatic, I know.

My grandson turns one tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. time flies so fast...especially as I am getting older. sighhhh

I must share some great finds out there.

First....SDK goodies (hehehehh) click on pictures to get bigger view

I am having a 40% sale right now on everything put commercial use stuff. Takes all my template packs down to $3. Plus...none of my kits are over $3 either...and they are packed fulllll.

these journaling spots are only $.90

and speaking of SDk...the ladies there have been working on goodies too.

kim has some beautiful papers

sammy has a great beach kit in the same colors as our supa kit

and gen has a pretty wedding kit out

and some other goodies I have found:

Angela Sharrow (scrapdish) has some funnnnn layovers...you can make your own papers. she has patterns as well as these cool textures!

Eva Kipler has this new kit...beyond paradise...over at digital freebies. I love it

jan hosford has some awesome flower templates....I have used these a lot

kim jensen (scrapdish) has these cool date beads...but the fasteners (glue, cords, clasps etc) are just as cool...and on sale now for $1.40...man alive

those girls at funky playground...got to love them

rachel has these fabbbbbbbb papers: cardboard...nice and dirty.

both anne and corina have wonderful grab bags...you won't be disappointed at allll!

traci has new papers, chere has some fun sequins doodads, kim has fun big ribbons, kylie has a cool new kit and star trails, marcie has a new alpha..I could go on and on

Bren Boone over at TDS...such a great designer...has some new goodies out too. woowwoow. papers, doodles, swirls...awwwwwwwwwwww

now...you want to see your freebie???

here is the layout I did with it...using goodies from Rachel young at Funky Playground

....no selling, claiming, sharing, no biting, no swearing, no yelling, no cutting people off in traffic, no dropping things from hangers in stores and not picking them back up and hanging them up, no dinging my car, no swearing at your kids...in public anyway, hehehe. just use and enjoy! show me too...would love it!

and that is it for today. going to go through all the closets and get rid of stuff.

hugs and happy scrapping!


Kim said...

Wow, that was some serious enabling! LOL All such great stuff! The template is too cute!

Sorry the boys are sick. Hope they get over it quickly.

The yard sounds like it will be fabulous. Can't wait to see before and after pics! :)

Miss j said...

Glad to see you all are doing well. Thanks bunches for the freebie. I have a lo to show you. i just have to get the credits straight. My baby starts school on the 20th. So do I for that matter! He is gonna be in the big K. I am so nervous. He acts like it's no big deal.

LVMommy22 said...

i love the swirls and i love love love the doodled scalloped border! ty ty ty!
:) M

KirstieGai said...

I've just found your blog thanks to "The Sandpit" and love your templates. Now I need to go check your store.

Maria said...

Thank you for your freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Love the template! Thanks so much!!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

YEAH a patio!! I LOVE sitting outside on our deck, you are going to enjoy it so much :)

Glad to see you back and doing well. When my dd started 1st grade (many moons ago) my ds and I were a bit at a loss too, didn't take long for us to work it out but it was really strange at 1st.

My grandaugter just turned one the 29th of July, funny thing is I was only 5 when I had my son!hee hee Ya it is 'strange' this whole ageing thing!

So how are you doing with the 'eating plan' I refuse to use that 4 letter word that starts with a 'd' :) My daughter and I have been doing a video exercise that seems to be actually helping. Cause I can tell ya, I have tried a million different things! :) I just keep telling myself 'baby steps' or I get discouraged and give up.

Ok enough of a book here, just glad to hear the 'chipper' sound in your voice :) Thanks for the great template too!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the template Tracy. It's great as usual. BIG THANKS for all the pics of the great new stuff out there. I guess I'll be shopping this morning.:)

Connie said...

Love your templates, Tracy! Thank you! Hope your patio turns out just as you've dreamed and the boys are much better.

Rona said...

Thanks for the template..and the coupon code!

shelly said...

What a fab template, Tracy! Thank you!

lesliereid said...

Thanks for the fun template. Love your TOU. I'm compulsive enough that when shopping I have to hang up clothes on the floor that I didn't even drop!