Monday, February 27, 2006

What dreary wet day we are having today...ughhhh! That means lots and lots of crafts lol. the boys do NOTTTTT do well in when they cannot go outside (we usually still play in the rain---boots and raincoats, but not when it is raining like this).

Let's see....we are all feeling better...I actually slept last night...I went to bet at 9p!!!! Can you believe that??? My goodness.

I have realllly been having the "I want another baby" craze...what in the world is wrong with me,lol. I KNOW I physically should not get pregnant again...too risky for me...and my boys keep me MORE than busy/crazy enough...and I am going to be a GRANDMA for goodness sake. But I cannot get rid of this is pretty strong right now! sigh.

I am REALLY need to get rid of my maternity clothes and stuff that Jennifer doesn't want. Missy is trying to get me to ebay them..she is doing pretty good selling all her stuff.

I took a big batch over to the church down the street.

I also have decided to keep my van. It is in perfect condition (knock on wood), has 5 more years of warranty; only has under 40, 000 miles on it; has leather, moonroof, cd, v-6 engine..rides like a dream and has lots of room. Why get rid of it? So Bran is going to start looking for something for him. This sharing a vehicle is for the BIRDS,lol.

I got to scrap a layout last night...using Tania Cordova's new Berthoud and Blues kit (available at Scrapdish and Digital Freebies)which I just LOVE. Check it out and I will talk to you later! hugs


Fiona said...

I just love this layout!! What a handsome little man you have Tracy!
I've have been having the 'I want a girl' feelings too. But knowing my luck, i'd end up with another boy. lol

AmyK said...

Your layout is too cute, Tracy! I love Tania's new kit. Do you want to come over and watch my baby to get rid of that baby fever? LOL! I am ready to be done with newborn-hood! ;)

Melinda said...

Oh I am so ready to be done with baby stuff, but then Sarah gets all snuggly and I can do nothing but sigh over how wonderful it is. I do shudder at the thought of doing it again- my body would probably flip out and that would not be good. 5 is more than enough for me!
I'd send my little girl your way for a day if I could!

Love the new LO! Tania's kit was perfect for the pic!

Raji said...

You can have my girl Tracy :)That is a cute layout.

Ruthy said...

Oh, Tracy honey - that I want another baby thing will come & go. Nothing wrong with you at all. Just hormones I think. It's like you can be driving down the road & this little fairly lands on your shoulder & whispers "you want another baby" & it just gets stuck in your head for a while. Hee hee hee It's just another one of natures tricks - like when we THINK we'll never forget what labor was like & then forget all about it in no time. LOL
Let's face it - nature HAS to play those kinda tricks on us. If any of us could actually remembered what labor & delivery was REALLY like - none of us would do it a second time. LOL
Because of my MD, I eventually learned that I just need a fly swatter to chase that darned fairy away with. LOL
Hang in there.

Ruthy said...

By the way, I don't have any grand babies yet but my twin brother does & so do several friends. They all assure me it has all the "wonder" without any of the wear. So, you do have that to look forward to.