Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OYYYYY. Can I just tell you how much of a turkey this week has been? I promise not to whine too much.

The boys are both sick with a terrible cold...the kind that keeps them awake all night, had the three of us in the bathroom with the hotshower running at 2am (to open up Chase's lungs...he gets bronchitus every time he gets a bad cold), crying, crankiness, and just plain unhappy (that goes for the boys too, hehehehe)

I am missing too much of Rak Week Darn It. They want NOTHING to do with Daddy when they are sick. Just momma! Don't they know what is going on, lol.

I really hope they are better soon...My bday is Thurs, Hayden's is Friday and the party is Saturday. Did I say OYYYYYY?!?!?!? hehhe

So...I am trying terribly to keep up with everything...Here is a randon Rak I just gave to raks...head over and grab it while you can.

Part one was for the bath safety challenge (you can see it below. Both part one and three will be given out at the Exchange Club chat tomorrow night as prizes.

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Tania said...

Um CUTE!!! Didn't know it was your birthday tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday hun! Hope everyone starts cooperating, ahem, I mean feeling better, LOL!