Friday, February 03, 2006

Wanted to share this one with you you know...Hayden has been pushing my I wanted to remind myself of the many reasons I just adore him.

I used Meredith Fenwick's Right There in Black in White at SBB. (minus the suspenders). Font is Paulinho Pedra Azul


Raji said...

Wow! Beautiful layout. I love it

Tania said...

This is fabulous!! What a great reminder!!

AmyK said...

Love this, Tracy! I've been trying to figure out a layout very similar to this - so maybe I'll just lift yours!

And I had to LOL when I saw the link to my blog. You are too funny! *smooches*

Gina said...

He's so CUTE!!! What a great LO and just the thing to look at when he's driving you up the wall, whether he's a toddler or a teenager.

Fiona said...

This is just gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about having a child that pushes your buttons too.

Awesome job. :)