Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Thursday. I am feeling a little clearer and more focused today. I did a lot of thinking last night and came to the conclusion that it is time to reclaim my life and self again. Without getting into it...a lot has happened in the last five years. I have let myself go physically and mentally and am tired of just feeling sorry for myself. It is time to get busy! out I come, lol.

I am catching up on my designing prize kits and challenges for Raks. Going to do a few more things while the boys are playing in the dirt out back, lol...then might take them for a walk and play at the park.

Oh...took the boys to the pumpkin patch By Myself on Tuesday! Wowza was that an experience in itself. As soon as we walked up, Hayden let out this little gasp and started "chattering" and pointing away...he was so excited. Both wanted to go opposite directions, the wind was blowing with full force kicking up severe allergies and school after school was there on field trips. Most play areas were too big for Hayden and he was so sad that he couldn't go play! I was crawling through sawdust and mazes and getting trampled by little people! I either am taking help on Tuesday (Chase's field trip with preschool) or leaving Hayden with someone. I want to make sure Chase gets all of my attention and not have to worry where Hayden is or what he is doing.

Oh...need to mention this little note. My family (granparents, aunt and mom) go on yearly vacations...for long periods of time. EVERY single time they go, something bad happens here. I have ended up in the hospital, the boys get sick, something happens with one of my daughters...something. Well...they are in Hawaii and it happened again. It is too strange how this happens.

Ok...checking out for a little to get some work done.

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