Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good morning....hope you are all well today. I am missssssing my boys! It is so funny....they can drive me battttty (for those of you who don't know me...I have two boys---one is four and one is two) and I can just prayyy for some time alone. So when they go to auntie and grandma's I do the happy dance all over the house. They usually leave here about 2p. That night is awesommmmmme. I have a date with my hubby...we laugh, we make a yummy dinner or go out...we play board games that weeee want to play. The next morning is strangely quiet and empty...I call them and sigh when I hang up. I clean, I scrap, I watch shows that I have tivo' 3p I am realllllly missing them. At bed time I get verrryyyyy sad. The next morning I wake up at 7a and want to go get them...righhhhttttt nowwwww! lol. my playing on the internet...I am going to start hightlighting galleries, products etc again.

I stumbled upon this gallery last night at 2am...I was having some serious insomnia. sweet. Her layouts are great but her journaling really grabs me. She has some great ideas, photos etc. You have ot go check it out. And then lets talk about her left bawling! She has such a way with words...go check it out too.

Last night Kim and I ran our newbie chat at went really well. We went over lots of does and dont's and gave out many tips. Gave away lots of prizes and just had fun fun fun.

I am finishing up my contribution to a spring fling kit that several designers are contributing to over at Digital is going to be such a fun mega kit!!! I can't show youuuuuuuu! lol

Ok...that is all for now....going to go play!

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