Sunday, March 26, 2006 I am off to cuddle my baby and go night night. He is already asleep in my bed...yes...I know....I know...I sworreeeeee I wouldn't have this happen with my second child. When I was pg with Hayden I was on bedrest for the last two trimesters. And Chase and I were sooooo close. He (and I) really had a hard time being away from each other during the day (my family and Bran's really stepped up and took care of him a lot during the day since I was at the hospital a lot and in bed). But...during naps and bed time...we slept was our time to read, cuddle and just be with each other. Well...let me tell was super duper almost impossible to get him in his own bed...still have troubles sometimes, lol.

So...that is why I swore I wouldn't do that with Hayden. But...enter his health probs and his colicky fussy personality at times...and enter mommy's continuing health problems and DESPERATE need for we are sleeping together.


To tell you the truth...just between us...I don't mind it really at all. He sleeps pretty good most of the time...I like to hear him Horriblllllleeeee snoring husband doesn't like to sleep with us in the bed...too small, I sleep pretty good without him. isn't good for my marriage or Hayden's need for self-sufficiency or something like that I read, ehhehe.

sigh... boys are home...I am a happy momma. Got to play, got to cuddle...and got TWO...yes count them TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO layouts done tonight. I haven't gotten to scrap much lately...I have been so busy...but I got two done. Both using Amy Kneppers kits. Too fun.

"The Kiss" uses her A Man's Man kit only available at Scrapdish (where it is also on sale, hehehe)

Then there is "That Smile" using her Study Hall Mini kit at Scrapdish also

It felt good to get some layouts done.

I am also in the process of checking out Fly Lady's Site to get more organized and productive. So many people sing her praises...I keep hearing them, but never going to see. Something has to give,lol. Wish me luck and give me tips, lol.


AmyK said...

I love these layouts, Tracy! I think more than half of the ladies in my mom's group (all with babies born in Oct. 03) co-sleep with their kiddos. You do what you gotta do!

Flylady seriously changed my life. I loved the idea of the BabySteps, and her phrase, "You are not behind! Just jump in where we are!" I have since grown onto my own thing, but I always encourage people to try out the FlyLady at least once! Make sure you get the emails - her thoughts and testimonials are so encouraging. Hugs!

Jen said...

Awesome layouts Tracy! I know the feeling of how scrappin can feel like the biggest accomplishment! It's a great feeling though...