Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ok...well I have NOT had a productive day today...nothing I touched worked right. The boys were NOT behaving...I didn't find anything I wanted while shopping, Hayden fell out of the cart at Michaels (NOOOOOOOOO he was not buckled in, sighhhh...bad mom). Bran and I had a "disagreement" and for the life of me...

Have you seen Carrie of Fishscraps cool blog list? It is very cool...go check it out.the top digiscrap blog list!

If there is a blog you like, you can go and rate it and review it...that is cool too.

If you want to do mine, here is the link. ;)

Going to read a mag and go to bed early! I will have a new freebie for you tomorrow afternoon in honor of my gran........surpriseeee, lol. Jennifer (my stepdaughter) got her ultrasound today...I know what she is having....even though I still think 37 is too young to be a So check back

Hugs and kisses!


Julie said...

Ahhhhh sorry you had such a bad day Tracy..... :-( no fun. And you are a very young 37 (you dont look it) Try to have a restful quiet evening you deserve it darling.


Tania said...

Sorry you had a yucky day, and just think darling you're gonna be one HOT Grandma, LOL!