Sunday, July 16, 2006

so....what a weekend!

First....Friday night Hayden woke up with a raging fever. Yup. 102. and he was VERY unhappy about it. 2hrs of sleep for mom. Then trying to get the food prepared and set up while dealing with him was interesting. Luckily I am blessed with a wonderful mom and aunt and sil who pitched in to help. Becky picked up the cake and balloons and ice; auntie stuffed the rolls with the chicken salad I made the night before; mom swished and shined the bathroom and floors. I had decorated the night before thank goodness.

So....the guests started to arrive at 11a...Jenny followed at 11:30a. Conversation, hugs and food flowed. After lunch (which they all loved, heheh)--Chicken Salad (will do a recipe layout)stuffed in croissants, mini quiches, fruit and veggie tray and two diff pasta salads--we started to play a few games. We played the memory game...a tray full of baby items are passed around and your try to memorize the items. After a few pins of then write down as many items as you can remember. Then we did the "guess how big Jenny is". You cut a length of string to go around her belly. They did REALLY good on that one. Then we did stork bingo. I printed out some bingo cards and you write down presents you think she might get in the squares. As she opens up her gifts, you cross out the presents, yelling bingo after you get five in a row.

While opening presents and the following cake...I had to leave a lot to be with Hayden, but my mom helped a ton.

She really had a good time, so I was happy. Her good friends spoiled her...gave her two baskets of things for only her at the hospital (she has Step B so will have to stay at the hospital longer). There was candy, sunflower seeds, magazines, nail stuff, lotions, a gorgeous robe, hair stuff, crosswords, lottery tickets, nipple creamm (a must), just tons of things. It was sooooooo sweet! Loved that.

After the shower...I just held Hayden and drew with Chase. Brandon had left that morning to go to Monterey to go scuba diving, so it was just us. Hayden cried allllll night until 3:45a when his fever broke then slept till 9a...totally unlike him. Chase woke up at 5:30 crying with a fever. sigh

Today we are just laying around, drawing etc. Taking it verrryyyy easy. I haven't even showered or taken down the decorations, lol.

Here is a little collage of the shower until I can get some layouts done.

So...that is about all that is going on. Thank you all who left comments for the freebie. I do really appreciate it. Once again. If you use any of my kits, freebies, etc...please shoot me a link. I love to see what you all do!

hugs and kisses


Julie said...

You poor dear....... Sorry to hear both the boys have been so sick... especially when you are trying to host a party... What timming.. HA.... Sounds like the party was a huge success though... and glad you had lots of help. Hope you stay healthy sweetie and not get what the boys had.... Hope they feel better soon....

Take care of you... get lots of rest and drink lots of water..
Luv ya sweets.

AmyK said...

The shower looks like it was a blast! I love your little "cake" creation, and how sweet of you to do something so wonderful for your friend. I'm sorry to hear the kiddos are feeling sick - I hope you all get lots of rest and get to feeling better VERY soon! Hugs!