Tuesday, July 18, 2006

phewwww...we are on the mend. hayden and I still aren't too sure about things...but we are better. sick in the summer.....no gooood!

I was pleased to recieve an email today from an honest woman with very honest friends. RACHEL (big hugs sweetz) was telling me that she saw a layout her friend had done with my friday freebie kit the calm (I had given it away awhile ago). Well, she couldn't find it and really wanted it. Wanted to know where I sold it etc! Said her friends had it and would give it to her if I said it was ok! These three gals totally Rak. I am passing it on to her and she and her two friends each get to pick one of my kits for free. Honesty should be rewarded now days. (Now...don't all of you email me saying you are honest and deserve a free kit too hehehhehehe).

So...due to that...I am having a big old sale at Digital Freebies. See what putting me in a good mood does?

All these are on sale for one week:

A Little Country Chic is on Sale for $3.00...and it is a good sized kit. And don't forget...if you buy it and email me (tmblankenship@gmail.com) your receipt or thank you email...you will receive the matching alpha for free!

Resolutions is on sale 40% off! (look in new releases)

Beach House is on Sale....for $3.50

Bug Hunter (so cute) is on sale for 2.99

Creative expressions on sale for 40% off still (look in new releases)

Cutest Cowgirll is on sale for 2.99 and don't forget...forward me the receipt for the THREE matching alphas

Daddy's got the blues for 2.99

Dinner with friends for 2.50

Frosty (love this kit, lol) 2.50

Hohoholidays 2.50

My Funny Valentines (love this one too..fun) is on sale for 2.00!!!!!

Pink Petal Perfection (fun elements in this one) is on sale for 2.50

I also have two new doodles (one stitched) that are for sale...40% off this week in the new releases category.

and I put both my Hoop Dreams mini kits together in one combo kit...and it is on sale too!

On to other news...well...ok...not much happening since we have been sick, lol.

I can show you my Raks Newsletter Layouts now since it is out now (with the great mega kit)

With Theresa Hernarnanez's Summer Citrus kit at Natural Designs

With SaraAmarie's Fresh Summer Eve kit at 3Scrapateers

Ok...we are off to Target and then the grocery store as mother hubbard's cupboards are bare! Have a fab DAY!!!!


Kim said...

Glad to hear you're doing better. Fab layouts! :)

Mish said...

Cute layouts...I really like the top one with the bright colors...nice job!

Glad to hear things are better in your house. The showers looks/sounds like it went well. I love the games you had people play...I never thought of doing the bingo that way. I'll have to try that.

jane said...

love your stitches and doodles tracy!!! and you are right...honesty should be rewarded!!! glad you are feeling better lady!!! hugs!

Raji said...

Great know that you're feeling better. Love those layouts. It's really sweet of youb to offer your kit to these ladies.

Amy said...

I have a question about your bug hunt kit, did you use to have an element add-on pack to this kit? If so, is it still available for purchase?

I didn't see any other way to reach you by email, on websites, etc. So hopefully this will work.