Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all well and happy! woohooooo! So...we went to the beach over the weekend. I was not really looking forward to it, but it ended up being just what the doctor ordered. Cleared my head mentally and physically. I went on two pretty good hikes...made my thighs and calves scream! It has put me on the road to my healthy new me! I have toyed with losing weight and exercising for quite awhile but have NOT done a great job. But I am determined darn it!

Then I sat in a courtroom ALL day yesterday...Jury duty. I never got questioned...but it was a LONG boring day listening to the same questions over and over and over,lol. I really want to sit on one day...always has interested me.

I will be spending the next few days cutting 60 two yard pieces of colored butcher paper and rolling them up. The three first grade classes will be making Easter hats for our parade at school.

On to my exciting news....I am being featured on Shutterfly's Digi Blog! Yayayayayayay! I am so excited. I love Shutterfly and this blog. I am proud to be in the company of the great ladies that have been before me! Go check it out! This week will be full of tips, coupons and freebies from me! yayayay! (hint: the first freebie is there today!!) but still read down to yesterdays....a little about me and a coupon!


IkeaGoddess said...

Congratulations, sistah. You rock.

Robin said...

You are so fabulous Tracy! Congrats on the Shutterfly gig! :)
Too bad jury duty was boring - I had a similar experience too.
And I just joined a gym this week so maybe we can keep each other motivated. :)

Melinda said...

I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend at the beach. Relaxing is always a good thing! Whoo hoo on the Shutterfly gig! you go girl! :)

Raji said...

Glad that you had a great time over the weekend, you so deserved it. Congrats on the shutterfly gig!!!I've also seriously started excessing, so now you, me & Robin can keep each other motivated:)