Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sick,sick and more sick! lolllll

Oh my goodness it has been awhile since we have been that sick. Wednesday I started to feel wierd to my the evening I couldn't get too far from the loo. That night Hayden started to whine about his tummy and hours later he and I were on the kitchen floor emptying our tummy contents into bowls...that is as far as we could get. (TMI I know, lol). So...the rest of the week was spent feeling like trucks hit us...and yes...poor Chase got it Thursday night. It hit Bran last night, though he isn't nearly as sick thankfully!!! So...if I owe you some work, an answer some love or other...that is where I have been. (The good things that came out of being sick....I am almost off diet soda and I lost 6lbs...I know...just water weight, lol)

I did get to go to the Rakscraps Gallery Mixer....I just had to go seeing as I am one of their designer highlights this month!!! Wooohooooo! I gave out some prizes and chatted with the other was fun.

Today also marks the first introduction of my guest CT members!! Woohoooooo!

The first new friend I have made is Carolyn

Want to know a bit more about her???
) Name Carolyn
2) Where do you live? Silverdale, Washington
3) How long have you been Digi scrapping? I recently found my very first LO (it was made in October 2002)
4) What brought you to Digi scrapping? It's so much easier, cheaper, less mess and more fun than paper scrapping.
5) What do you like most about it? It doesn't require a lot of space and I can alter things much easier.
6) Do you have any other hobbies? Photography, reading (I'm pretty low key)
7) How often do you get to scrap? Several times a week usually
8) What program do you use most to scrap? PSP9
9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping? I'm honestly more of a paper person. I enjoy turning the papers into boarders or strips or circles.
10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping? Nope
11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why? My favorite LO is Eye Can See It
I like it because I made up the quote and I think the photo is awesome! To date I feel like it is my best work.


scrapping garden



And here are some layouts she has done with some of my kits...aren't they great??? (click on the layout to see it bigger)

Journaling: My second cousin,Allison when she was visiting Aunt Shirly and Uncle Jimmy 07-30-06
Kit:Resolutions kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Scrappin Digi Kreations
Font:GE Vienna Script

Journaling: This is one of my few, but favorite, photos of Bri with Baby Mara. Bri was always so proud of her baby and she has always loved Mara with all her heart! 02-21-05

Kit: Creative Expressions kit and Stitched Doodles by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations

Font:GE Sylvan Etched Caps GE Palladian

Journaling:I just love looking up at the huge trees here. It's almost dizzying staring up into their greatness. I always wonder how old they are and what kind of events they have witnessed

Kit:Beach House kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations

TheScrapHabit Quick Fix 8-28-06 By Alma Townsend


Journaling:Scenic Beach is one of my favorite places to take pictures. The scenery is pretty. The very first time I saw the bay with the mountains in the back drop it took my breath away. This picture was taken at Kenzie's birthday party
Kit:Beach House kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Template:Quick Fix Templates by Alma
Font:Juice ITC

Journaling:Sarah and Hilarie exchange a good bye hug at Hilarie's
birthday party, both girls have such big beautiful smiles.08-17-06
Kit:Creative Expressions kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies
and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Font:2Peas Evergreen bout going to check out her galleries (links are above)....leave her some love and scraplift one of her layouts. Do this by the 10th at 12am EST and leave a link to your layout in the comments here (with your email addy) and I will send you a posting prize)

hugssssss and smooches!


Raji said...

Oh, Tracy, that is awful! hope you will get better soon. I'm off to check out Carol's gallery & leave some love:)

Nita (pinayus27) said...

I left some comments on her layouts! Hopefully others will do the same :-)