Thursday, September 21, 2006

So, it has been a while...sorry about that. Once again trying to balance my non-computer life with my computer life has gotten a lot harder!! So...what has been going on...I won't bore you with the little things...I have a lot to shw and tell you first.

My guest CT for this week Is Donna aka Mousey.

here is a little about her!!

1) Name Donna, but everyone calls me Mousey (online & IRL)
2) Where do you live? Brisbane, Australia
3) How long have you been digi scrapping? About 2 years
4) What brought you to digi scrapping? I have always paper scrapped and when a friend started playing around with digi, I got hooked as well :o)
5) What do you like most about it? The unlimited possibilities. You can be as realistic as you like or go totally graphic, whichever look suites you at the time. I love being able to resize and re-colour elements so easily, and you just gotta love the undo button! LOL
6) Do you have any other hobbies? I still paper scrap, as well as do the odd bit of graphic design. I love photography, and I also make jewellery.
7) How often do you get to scrap? Probably about 3-5 times a week depending on my daughter and whether she decides to sleep or not!
8) What program do you use most to scrap? Photoshop CS2
9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping? Paper... I love fiddling with paper in real-life, and its the same with digi. I love brushes too - they just add that extra bit of flair to a LO.
10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping? Generally a good cup of tea is needed... I do have a lolly stash next to my computer, but its only for the occassional sugar hit :o)
11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why? I think my favourite LO atm is this one... Why? I really like the way it turned out, I love the colours and the photos are my favourites of my daughter :o)

Here is a link to her gallery:

why don't you stop by and scraplift her for a goodie from me?!?!

Here are two layouts she did with my kits.

With Creative Expressions:

With Daddy's Got the Blues:

I also have some layouts that I got done:

The first is using my friend Kim's Grungy Boy kit available at SDK
it is also for my sketch challenge at DF

Today I got to work in Chase's Classroom is soooo fun. I really think I would have loved being a teacher way back when, lol.

Here is what I have been doing with them....Paper bowls! The kiddos love love love it!!

want to do this with your kiddos...go here for directions!!! Easier than it looks!

That is about it for now, lol.

Have a great day!!!



Mish said...

I love those paper bowls...thanks for posting the link Tracy!

Fun layouts too!

Rona said...

Great sketch - will see if I remember to join next month :)

Thanks for the link to the paper bowls as well ---looks like fun! mEssy, but fun, LOL!


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