Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And here it is Tuesday. And what a bad blogger I have been ,lol.

I just have been loving life and boys and been busy busy busy. The weekend was a blur...spent with soccer, mom, cleaning and the pumpkin farm. It OPENED this past weekend. WE loveeeee our pumpkin farm. It is hugggeeee. Train ride, hayrides,pony ride, huge pumpkins, shows, food, stores, lots of play stations, etc. We go a lottttt while it is open. The boys had a blasstttt. We went with a friend and her SIL's and a couple they know. It was a wierd in that I felt a little out of place. They all had thier hubbies and they were kind of talking among themselves. Long story...but it was a little strange.

Yesterday Hayden had preschool and I got to exercise a bit and got to clean somemore...trying to really get it all organized. sighhh...we have a lotttt of stuff, lol.

Today I met up with some members of my book club and their kiddos at the park. We had lunch and played. Got home and the boys took a little nap.

I would like to introduce you to my week's guest CT..Michelle aka Teddyprayer

) Name: Michele Wiens

2) Where do you live?: I currently live in Fort St. John, BC (in northern
British Columbia, along the Alaska Highway) . . . we'll be moving to
Calgary, Alberta sometime this fall.

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?
Since last summer.

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?

A dentist appointment . . . no, really . . . my kids were getting their
teeth cleaned and I had some time on my hands. There happened to be a
scrapbooking magazine in the waiting room (I've never seen one there since)
and it happened to have a feature article on digital scrapbooking. I
borrowed a pen from the receptionist, wrote down some website addresses, and
the rest is history :)

5) What do you like most about it?

I'm cheap, so I love that it's an inexpensive hobby (I even found free
software to scrap with!), I have little people at home, so I love that the
mess is (mostly) confined to my computer, I can be a perfectionist, so I
love my undo button -- and in general, I love the fact that someone as
"un-crafty" as me can turn out terrific looking pages :)

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

I love to read, I love to spend time with my kids and their friends (and
their friend's parents), I usually love to garage sale, but I'm not allowed
to this summer since we're moving ;),

7) How often do you get to scrap?

Depends on the week . . . I usually spend at least a few minutes every day
(if downloading kits and browsing galleries counts as scrapping time) and
sometimes I'll spend a few hours in an evening. I usually do about 10
layouts a month -- a bit less during camping season ;)

8) What program do you use most to scrap?

I work on GIMP, which is open source software.

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?

I think I'd have to say layer masks . . . I love the versatility of masks .
.. . whether it's to "tear" the edge of a paper, put a funky inked edge onto
a photo, or "cut out" a shape in a paper to put a photo behind.

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?

We have a "no food at the computer" rule that I can only break if the girls
are in bed ;)

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?

My favourite layout that I have on-line right now is "My Talia"

I think I like it so much because I tried a new technique and a new style
- and the results were amazing! I started "backwards" (for me) on this
layout -- working from the kit before I even knew which pictures I would use
(I created the flower mask from the background paper, and originally used it
on a solid pink paper included in the kit) and then looked for pink or
purple pictures in my collection - not expecting it to be too hard, since I
have two girls! Nothing looked right though, and when I came across these
two pics, it was initially the floral pattern on the shirt that drew my
attention. The pictures themselves weren't great -- taken from too far away
-- but that's what allowed me to crop the main photo the way I did. And
there always has been something I love about that main photo . . . there's
just a hint of how grown up my little girl is getting . . .

A bit more about me as a digiscrapper:
I'm a rectangle scrapper (8 1/2x11) and I tend to scrap multiple photos --
mostly of my two little girls, Talia (5) and Kaisa (almost 4). I love doing
challenges -- both because of the motivation, and because I find I get more
comments that way :). I usually hang out at RAKScraps, where I'm known as
teddyprayer. I've been scrapping digitally since the summer of 2005 (never
really was a paper scrapper), I use GIMP (open source software) for my
scrapbooking, and I love getting others hooked on digital scrapping (I even
have an "intro to digi scrapping" e-mail on my computer with relevant links
to just send out . . . !)

Article (Member Spotlight) in March Rak Newsletter
page 25.

Featured in Scrapper's Spotlight (Jan 15-31) thread:

All about me layout:

Rakscraps Gallery:

My blog has absolutely nothing to do with scrapbooking, but FYI

Some layouts she did using my product:

Grandpa & Me

Paper from Cherished by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and
Scrappin Digi Kreations
Fonts: Book Antiqua, Rage Italic, Flower Show

I created this layout for the ad challenge over at RAKScraps. I only used a
single paper, but I was so impressed with the results, I had to include it.
This is my youngest with my father-in-law.

Race Day

Background from Pink Petal Perfection by Tracy Blankenship
Stitches from Stitched Doodles by Tracy Blankenship (recoloured)
Elements from Cherished by Tracy Blankenship
all found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Fonts: Mistral, Arial Narrow Bold Condensed

This is the way I usually work -- mixing bits and pieces from all sorts of
kits together to come up with a unique whole.
These pictures are from Talia's first cross country race -- and she came in
first for the under 7 girls (we won't mention that there were only 4 in her
category ;)). I'm still planning on doing a second page sometime showcasing
her HUGE trophy (that she slept with that night, of course :) ). This page
will probably go in the "sewing challenge" at Rakscraps.

Mom's Bouquet

Pink Petal Perfection by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and
Scrappin Digi Kreations and Ribbon Flowers (Pink Petal Perfection Bonus) by
Tracy Blankenship from Digital Freebies.
Font: Vladamir Script

I enlarged some of the elements a bit larger than some people would be
comfortable with -- but I enjoy experimenting with elements in ways they
didn't intend to be used -- and the printed version turned out just fine!

Kaisa & Michaela

Cherished by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi
Paper Tear from Steph's Digital Paper Tearing
Font: Book Antiqua Bold Italic

my youngest and one of our neighbour girls -- those two are so much fun to
watch together! Kaisa's sure going to miss her when we move :(

Isn't she greatttt??? Why don't you go to her gallery (link above) and scraplift her or leave her some praise.



Pamela Gibson said...

you've been tagged. lol. check out my blog for details. pamelagibsondesigns.blogspot.com

Kim said...

Love the pics! Looks like such a fun place! Sorry to hear it was a little awkward for you.

Love you CT profiles. So fun! :)

Karen said...

Your layouts look great. I started digi-scrapping in mid 2005 as well. I do hand-scrapping too and sometimes find myself having an identity crisis.

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