Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First...Sharon aka Shutterbug....it is always about US....as women, as buds, as digiscrappers, as moms and wives and partners and daughters...not just about me. Please feel free to jump in with me sweetie. thanks for the hugs...back at you!

Now...to our regulary scheduled program
where can you get wonderful and different digital kits and elements for awesome prices?
Where can you get the best HYBRID KITS??
Where can you get trim and all things hybrid?
My sweet designer friend Valerie Foster Just Opened up Altscrap.com The alternative place for alt+scrappers! It has a gallery (check mine out...I am in there...a forum....challenge/contests...awesome freebies (hint...look around the store)and fun fun fun product! Run there (after you read the rest of my post, heheheh and register. You will get a 25% off coupon! woohooo!

Here are a couple hybrid kits she has...isn't she talented?

and a couple digi kits

Ok...so I said I had a secret...I am NEVER in the know lol...but I know a secret about SaraAmarie...woohoooo shaking my bootie......here it is....she is a new designer over at the Sweet Shoppe! Isn't that just awesome for her??? yayayay. you go baby! Register for her yahoo group for news and deals etc
And the digishoppe will be going through a HUGE makeover...so that is exciting! uhhuhhhh oh yeahhhhhh

I am so bummmeddddd I won't be here for National Scrapbook Day...wahhhhh. I haven't missed one since I started digiscrapping. wahhhhhh. But I will be having a blast at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park!! And checking out Petroglyphs. woohoooo

No layouts to share today...but be prepared to see some rockin through here soon,l ol

Now...some people have asked me about comercial use of my templates. If you buy a commercial lic from me ($5) plus the item in question (template, kit etc)...you can use them for the following:

this is for the person who bought the lic only!
you can use this template in WHOLE..do not break it up and use if for other things
quickpages for sale
scrap for hire
making anything for sale
make blog headers for sale (with my freebie kits too..you still have to buy the lic)
you cannot:

claim as your work
make something and turn over to a company for them to sell
resell the template
use the pieces (borders etc) and sell them

that is the basic gist...I can let you see the lic if you want before you purchase

Here is my latest freebie template....only availble for a couple days...so grab it up.
click here to download....no sharing, making anything for sale, etc etc...when in doubt...ask me at tmblankenship@gmail.com

how to colorize the glitter in photoshop??? click on that layer. go to layer>layer style>color overlay. play with the colors and blending modes to get what you want. waahlllaaa


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks for the freebie it is totally cool! Also for the coment on my blog. I would so love someone to chat with, a side saddle would be great! lol

I am just out of Talent which is between Ashland and Medford. I love it here!

Ok did you see they have RATTLESNAKES at that Park! YIKES and ewwww! HA HA

This will be my 1st NSD as a digi scrapper, I am interested to see what will be going on! Sorry you will miss it but I imagine you will be having a great time! just watch out for those slithering things! lol

Judy S. said...

This template is so adorable. It will be perfect for some wacky pics I have of my daughter.
Thanks so much!

Nicole said...

ANOTHER AWESOME TEMPLATE! You rock! And thanks for this new site to check out. I'm heading there now.

Muka said...

thanks for the template!! I think I'm developing a taste for digi glitter lately... no mess... no glue... and best of all nothing to clean up!! hahaha, thanks also for the link, I just checked out the shop and they have pretty cool stuff! guess I'll have to sign up now and get that coupon :) lol thanks again!

Nicole said...

Had to tell you--I just checked out your gallery at altscrap & OMG I love that Gonna be rock stars LO! Exactly like something my son would do. Too funny.

Lene said...

thanks for your template. you friend are so talented. I've just registered at the shop, and are planning to buy everything digital I can get my hands on :) thank you for letting me know about this shop. :)

bantina said...

Thanks for sharing...
it´s awesome...

Julie said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for the awesome template!

Mish said...

This is one of your best templates yet Tracy! Thanks sweetie!

Gwenevere Dupus said...

What a great template Thank you!! Have fun camping!!

twoboyz00 said...

Thanks so much for the asesome template!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, great templates. Appreciate you sharing it.


sylv said...

Beautiful template!TFS!

mel said...

thanks so much ronnee!! awesome!
much love,

Stephanie said...

Your templates are my favs! Thanks for another COOL one!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Great template - thank you for it, and for the return love-n-hugs.
Glad to hear you sounding so much happier.
I've been enjoying a better-than-usual birthday today, which will actually be celebrated Saturday so I plan on milking it for all it's worth! :D

Diana said...

Thank you so much!

Mara said...

thank you very much, lovely template

Anonymous said...

Love the template!! Thanks so much!