Friday, May 04, 2007

sorry been gone for a couple days. having a little scare with hayden...though he is doing better. I posted it at the forum...but here is a history if you missed it.

We went to Hayden't 3 yr check up. I told her I thought maybe he had allergies or something since he has been sniffly and not himself and his face and eyes have been really puffy.

she checked him out and said...hmmmm yeah his skin is very pale and waxy...and look at those dark circles. did you see his neck. I is a little swollen too...she said no...there is a hugeeeee swollen lymph node. Sure is the size of two smallish walnuts end to end. How did I not seeeee that. I am kissing on that kid all day.

Long story short....they put him on antibiotics (they say that 90% of the time it is just an infection). They gave him a tb test since it has been 2 yrs and if you are exposed you can get swollen nodes. They then gave him his vaccine...which made him pee his pants and cry...poor guy. Then they made us go downstairs and they wrapped him like a burrito and had me spoon him with my leg over his and proceeded to take a TON of blood from him. He was crying so hard he was choking and saying mommy mommy mommy. This whole time i am crying silently while singing to him. We finish and I look over and my 5 year old is curled up in a ball in his chair (yup...he was with us...thought we were jsut going for a check up ya know).

I know he will be ok....he is already feeling and acting better. they did get one blood test back and show he is anemic (which I have been for years...I have to get shots since my body won't absorb it from food or supplements). We go in today to have him assessed and hopefully get more test results.

So..that is what is happening...I just watch him sleep (which he is doing a LOT of...very unusual for him...another sign of virus) and holding him close. I canNot sleep...I just watch him breathe. I am a FREAK! lol

Chase is doing better too. We have talked about why we have to do this, how doctor's have to keep us healthy and keep us from getting sick. He is trying to understand.

On to other news. What a lot of fun is ahead of us this weekend! The fun is already starting, of course!!

My dear friend Bren has some AWESOME new product out! Holy Schmolyyyy!

I am so overwhelmed with all the great sales out there....ackkkkkk! Must start list must start list!!

And...look at the new blinkie I get to sport this month!!!!

nd...I took the plunge...I joined Nutrisystem! I couldn't take it anymore. and just dont' have the time energy or willpower. And I found a way to save $112 and get two weeks of food free, lol. that always helps. I have been tracking how much I spend on junk food, soda, alcohol, and eating out...I prob will save money, lol! If you want to know how I got the $112 me and I will fill you in...I found a loop hole through a web forum! So...wish me luck everyone! One haute momma on her way! I will share my journey with you!

and I have a freebie template for you! wohoooo. I really like this one, lol. It has a popsicle stick frame (you can change the color) and a star sticker me some templates I say!

click here to not share, steal, use to swat flies, claim, put under car to catch oil...etcetera etcetera! Leave me a burger and tell me if you are playing in the scrapworld all day tomorrow!!

hugs and happy scrapping


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your freebies!!

Sorry about your little Hayden, I hope he feels better soon!

kim199173 said...

So sorry to hear that. My kids are older now, but I still remember watching them go through that. It can rip your heart out!!!

IkeaGoddess said...

Ohhh poor Hayden, that sounds awful. Poor little kiddo, I hope he is feeling a little bit better. I sure could understand if he didn't want to go to the doctor's anymore.

Lori said...

Thanks for the cool stuff! Hope your little guy is feeling lots better real soon.

Did you want extra pickles on your burger????

Nicole said...

I feel so bad for your little guy. At that age they don't really understand that it had to be done to get better:( Glad to hear that he's a little better though. BTW, thanks for the great template.

karinkay said...

Poor little guy . . . they just don't understand, do they . . . they just know it hurts. Thanks for still making the time to design and then share this template with us.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh my gosh, poor Hayden and Poor Mommy! Wondered where you were.

Awesome template, thanks

This is my 1st year for NSD as a digi scrapper and I have to say I am a bit overwhelmed! :) I have no idea where to start!!

I am sooo interested in knowing how you do with nutrasystems. As you know I said I had joined the sbbg group (Scrappers big butt group)!

marvelousmissm said...

So to hear about your kiddo, as long as he keeps improving I'm sure he will be ok. Keep thinking positive! Scary though.

I also would love to know about the Nutrisystem discount you found. Something about that 2nd child, so much harder to lose the weight.

LovelyMissKait said...

I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal with Hayden. So glad you guys finally figured out what is wrong and can take steps to make him better! Yay!!!
As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful templates with us.

Happy Scrap Girl said...

oh, I'm so sorry for the poor little guy (and mama). It's so hard to watch them go through that. My girls are both very underweight (not like their mama, LOL) so we have had many blood draws, and they are only 1 & 2 yrs old. It breaks my heart everytime, so I feel for ya, and for your "big" little man having to watch it.

Hope he is better soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy - sorry to hear Hayden has been sick - hope the results come back fine. Thanks for the fab template too.

BrittneyL said...

Tracy - Your story about your little guy made me cry! You are a good mama, I can tell!

Thanks for the schweet template! Can't wait to use it!


Joy said...

Thank you so much - this is a great template!

Rona said...

So sorry to hear about Hayden's experience! :( I had to laugh out loud about you wrapping him like a burrito and wrapping your legs around him! I remember I had to do that with BOTH my sons when they had to take some meds they hated! Hmmmm...maybe it's because they're boys? ::)

Thanks for the template!

korib said...

So sorry to hear about Hayden...nothing hurts worse than seeing your kids hurt. Here's to hoping he's on the mend...did they at least give him a sucker?
Thanks for the fun template! Can't wait to use it...maybe I'll do that instead of make dinner.

twoboyz00 said...

Thanks so much for the great template! Hope you and your boys are doing better. I HATE when my kids are in any kind of pain. Have fun tomorrow!

Dixie said...

So sorry for your sick wee one!! Have fun scrappin' tomorrow and thanks for the template!!

JenBreeze said...

Oh, Tracy, I'm so sorry you're all gong through this. I've had to hold both my little ones down way too many times for blood draws, and it continues to break my heart, too. I hope he continues to get better, and you find the answers you need to get him healthy again.

Thanks for the template, as always! I love them (and you!).


Julie said...

Oh that sounds like a horrible dr visit. Sorry you 2 had to go thru that.

Thanks for the cute template!

Sandie said...

So sorry to hear about Hayden! Don't beat yourself up though about not seeing the lymph node. When my daughter was 14 months old she had a HUGE tumor on her neck right by her collar bone. My brother, who was 10 at the time, is the one who noticed it- not me!! She had surgery, and all was well, but I know exactly what you mean when you say you kiss the spot all day long and never noticed!!
Thanks for the wonderful template!! You do such nice work! Have a great NSD!!

Ally S. said...

Thanks so much for the template! My kids are a little older now, but I remember those kind of days well!! Hope Hayden is feeling better!!

Shandy said...

oh poor little guy! How scary for you Tracy! eeeks!

on a TOTALLY different note: L.O.V.E. your new template! It's quite SWASS!!!

ConnyB said...

Thank you so much for the new wonderful template :)
I hope Hayden will recover soon! I´m sending you lots of good wishes and {Hugs}

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, hope your little guy is doing better.

Anonymous said...

wow ... what a day. I would be watching my little boy sleep also and you are so normal. Take care and keep us informed.
oh, thanks for the template!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your little one's sick. I think it's harder on the parents than the kids. I hope he's on the way to a speedy recovery.

Thank you for the awesome template! I Love it!

Muka said...

happy belated nsd, tracy, so glad your boy is feeling better. imagine being sick on a national holiday!! lol, thanks for the awesome template!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful template. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy ~

From one mom to another, "HANG IN THERE." You're little guy will get through this and so will you.


Mormishmom said...

OMHeck! Your poor little guy! When they draw blood it's the worse! I hope he is feeling better! Thank you for another wonderful template!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Love this template - thanks for it and the FunkyTown add-on! I really enjoy SDK's megakits, and am looking forward to getting your contribution to it.

Anonymous said...