Monday, June 26, 2006

First a little scrap news...made a new scrapping friend....Khristy Schmidt. She has been around Raks and TDS for a long time...but never really got to know her. She was sweet enough to give me love on her blog and I hope to get to know her better on Hello...yesssssss I will be getting my butt back on there. Been scolded lately from Jane, Missy, MaryAnn and Julie. lol. She showed me one of her kits that I just loveeeee. You have to see it.

isn't that just cutesttttt?

You can get it here as well as see more of her awesome designs. I found lots I want.

Here it is....another hot and humid day in Northern California. The boys and I didn't get up til 8:40a....since we were up half the night. Not sure what was in the air...but Hayden and I could not we hung out together and cuddled while we watched cartoons. It must be a moon cycle thing...I was born Feb 16th and he was born the if you are a fellow aquarian and couldn't sleep last night...let me know. I am curious. hehe.

So...I am learning some things about life. It is messy. It is loud. It is nothing if not ever changing. It is complicated. It is glorious. It is inspiring. It is all about learning. One thing I am not so great with is change....especially in plans. And boy do I have to roll with it this week. I am being tested, lol. Due to Brandon's work...we won't be going on the vacation like we planned. We are now not leaving until Saturday, won't make it to the reunion, will miss the party like we planned. Geesh. But I am being ice baby! wink

I am also struggling with this time management and organization thing. I have like 16 balls in the air, two arms flailing about and no one taught me to juggle. My mind is just spinning out of control.

So...this is what I have going on today.

1. Go get paper from doctor and get it to chase's school
2. Find out where to register that boy in soccer and do
3. finish baby shower invitations and mail out
4. mail out kim's package
5. get phone chargers from store
6. get some short sleeve shirts...ackk those armmmmms, lol
7. finish laundry
8. Call Becky and cancell party and see if she sent out her stuff
9. Get menus from Caterer's to my MIL

come home and drinkkkkkk

cracking up. Be back later sweeties.

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DigiSchmidtDesigns said...

Sounds like you have TONS to do! Your starting to sound like
Grab me a drink while your at it, I sure could use one right about bout a little 'butter baby'? Cheers!