Saturday, June 17, 2006

helllooooo again. I don't know why every time I talk on this blog, I feel like I have to say hello. Isn't that funny???

So....not much has been going on....but I know you are DYING to know, lol

Let's see...last night I got to meet with some ladies from the Preschool's new board. I got to give my huge binder full of the disks I made, plus lots of notes over to the new vice president. You have NOOOO idea what a huge weight off of me that was. Now....let's have a bit of background info shall we?

When I first got talked into running for the VicePresident of the school's board, I thought...sure why not? I used to do all the scheduling for a State Senator!! I made all his appointments, his engagements, got all the staff scheduled for meetings etc. After that...I moved on to doing ALLLLLL the travel for the entire State Legislature of California. The three of us did it all. Regular trips, delegations name it we did it. How hard could it be to do this?

Well....after being elected, my husband lost his job and decided to work for himself. We started having lots of "domestic" problems. My youngest son (who had lots of health problems) also started to become quite the handful. That combined with the normal goings on of a Stay-at-home mom aka Domestic Diva...I kind of lost my organizational skills, lol. That combined with the neurosies of a lot of ummmmmm interesting was a LONG Flippin year. the future...YESSSS I want to be involved...NOOOO i do not want so much to self...just say no!

On to other news...I told you I have rejoined the gym. I have actually even gotten to work out. Hayden (who last time cried for me so hard that they would come get me and have to leave) has let me get an hour to an hour and 10 mins each time. He is sad when I come to get him, but he is doing better. I try not to feel guilty...when mommy is happy...everyone is is only an hour for myself, etc etc...but the thought of him crying for me just hurts my heart.

Funny story alert:

So Bran took the boys to Sonic for lunch. They got these little squirt guns in their meals and Chase asked what it was called. Bran read the package: Sonic Squirters. They played and all of a sudden, Hayden bounced the squirter off of Brother's head. Chase flopped around all silly and dramatic and said in a really funny voice: "Woahhhhh....I guess that is what they mean by a Sonic Boom"" Bran started laughing and laughing. That little four year old just cracks me up all of the time...he is always saying funny things like that. Silly monkey boy.

Then today...we are all hanging out...and the boys are showing us their muscles...Bran observes for a bit and comments....Chase is built like me and Hayden is built like you...chunkier. I sat for a min and said..."you do realize how that sounded don't you". He looked sheepish and said..."no, no!! I meant that you get muscles so easily when you work out". I just laughed. He is such the silver tongued devil, isn't he.

When I was pregnant with Chase I was sad that I was getting bigger...I said..."I am not your delicate flower anymore." He said..."there is just more petals to pluck, lol. Poor guy.

Chase and Hayden have been asking for a baby sister...and I am done having kiddos..not by choice, but dictated by health.

Here is Hayden holding baby Madeline...our dear friend's baby.

Here is a layout of Chase's first Christmas trip to smmmmallll.

I used Santa Line by Erica of Timeless Memories

Here is a layout I just loveeeee. I put so much work into this. I cut out all the little squares and applied atomic cupcake's inked edge action to them all. Then stitching, scalloped name it.

I used Miss Mint's South Hampton Kit from Peppermint this kit.

My mom holding Chase for the first time.

Here is another layout I love...put a lot of work into it too. Cut out all the shapes from the kit's papers. Got the idea for that from Gabby Fekete's Top Dog layout in Scrapbook Answers April issue

Here is the preview for an add-on to Raks' June Mega Kit. I made it as a posting prize for my Sizzling Summer Scheme Challenge It's almost over, so run over and join in.

ok...that is all for now...hope you are all doing awesome! love and kisses.


Kim said...

Hope things get easier now that you're not VP-ing anymore!

Absolutely gorgeous layouts! Love 'em! I'm going to have to remember that little shapes thing!

AmyK said...

I hope things are calmer too! And hopefully you and your hubby get along a bit better - it's tough when there's so much stress! Your layouts are fantastic, as always. Hugs! :)

Tania said...

I especially love those last two layouts, they're great, and that story made me chuckle, I love Sonic, worked at one in High School! Feeling more connected to you too :D