Tuesday, June 27, 2006

well....I made it through yesterday ok, lol. Though...I did not get all my errands done. So...you know what I will be doing today. Other than that...not much to talk about yet. Sad isn't it? The woman who never stops talking having nothing to say.

I am going to try to find something fun to do with the boys today. It is so stinking hot and muggy that we don't want to go outside...but they get so stir crazy doing art all day ,lol. So...will let you know what trouble we get into, lol

I do know that there are lots of great sales out there right now. You know Khristy...the one who's cute kit I showed you below? Well...they are having a super huge sale. You can get most of the stuff (including that kit) like 50% off. The Daily Scrap. Cute stuff there.

Digital Freebies is having another 40% blowout sale! wooohooo. All my kits are on sale! Take a look at some of them I have in it!

Even my brand new one...creative expression...scroll down to see it, is on sale.

have a great day...will check in later today...hopefully with a layout or two.

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