Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ok....wanted to get this up before I forget. Here is the prize I am giving for doing the two sketch challenges for June over at Digital Freebies. You get one part for each challenge. Now...the first is already over, but if you go do it...and say, Tracy...you said I could on your blog....I will still give you the first part of the prize. Cause I am in such a good mood, lol.

Now...I am going to turn this into a full kit. And I need your help. What should we name it and what other elements would you like to see...like for a theme or just in general. Let's see....how bout you have till Sunday morning to cast your votes. You can email them to me at tmblankenship@gmail.com or you can post them here. I will post the winner then...if anyone votes, lol. Winners will get the full kit when it is done.

hugs...have a cranky boy wanting me.


cinmcw said...

Looks beautiful so far! I'm terrible at titles, but it kinda makes me think "Vintage" so...maybe..."Vintage Moments" or "Vintage Memories"...

Elements to Add:

More ribbons, tags, buckles.

Thank you for so generously sharing your lovely designs!

Raji said...

I love the colors & the ribbon is so pretty. I would love to see some bows & more ribbons. I'll think for a suitable name & mail you.