Monday, June 05, 2006

I am soooooooooo irritated. I had a whole really long post here and it just disappeared. I have been having MAJOR blogger issues lately. S i g h !



First of all

make sure you grab part one and two of my blog bonus to the Birthday bonus. They will be taken down soon.

So...what did I say....lets see....Yesterday marked the first real day of summer vacation for us. Kind of funny to say, since we only had a preschooler here. is the last couple months before Chase becomes an official big boy...starting Kindergarten.

Chase made his own snack.Ants on a log...he spread the peanut butter on all by himself and then lined up the raisins...all the while saying...I can do it momma...I am a big boy now.

I reallllly needed to do some shopping...Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboards were bare. So I loaded up the monkeys and off to Super Walmart we went. Man alive...I cannot stand going there really. It is always so crowded and I just don't like the way things are set up. Once there I took them into McDonalds...they think that is the biggest treat, lol. I had a SALAD!!! woohooo, lol. The boys were exceptional, I must say. They were chatting up this lady next to was so cute. I really love how they talk to matter their age or physical appearance...I wish I could bottle up that innocence and spread it over the world. When is it exactly that children learn to see color, disabilities, age etc? When is it that they learn to fear and to hate? I will do everything in my power to head it off.

While there, we picked up the cute little foam visors to decorate. Chase got one in his goodie bag from graduation all made up cute. Hayden desperately wanted one. So into our craft pile they went...can't wait to get started on some of them.

Then it was home, nap for Hayden while Chase and I read ,then play while momma made dinner. I made London Broil, home made mac and cheese and carrots/zucchini. I need to find some more creative dinners to make...getting bored, lol.

That is about all...oh...Missy (my friend who moved to Minnesota) called this morning. I miss them so muchhhhhhh! Man. Talked to all three of her boys...tears in my eyes. sighhhhh.

Gonna go get ready...promised the boys that I would take them to the little water park here in town.

Here are a couple layouts I have done.

This one is with Jeannie Papai's (mum2mykiddos) Camp Cupcake kit from scrapmommies

and this one is with her Worn Out and Worn Out Add-on kits


Kim said...

Cute layouts! I didn't even know Jeannie was selling at ScrapMommies. Nor was I sure that Missy was the one who had moved, although that would have been my guess. I am so out of the loop. Just livin' in my own little bubble. LOL

T-Wan said...

These are some GREAT layouts. I especially love the second one I may try scraplifting that one (but I'm sure I won't do it justice). I'm sorry you've been having blog issues lately.

mrs.S said...

Those are gorgeous layouts, bella! I have to agree with t-wan that the 2nd LO is has you on it!!!
Hope you're feeling better!