Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So excited for DEB! Her Stop! layout is the digi pick of the day! Whhoooooootttttt!
uh huh...go Deb...shake your bon bon! lol. Awesome job babe! I told you I have some of the most talented gals on my design team! And...I finally get to see my kit on her site, lol. Here is her layout...using the newest Creative Expression kit I released.

Love the layout and the journaling.

Go leave her some comments here. Look at some of her other awesome layouts while you are there.

I really love how Melissa really pays attention to the layouts she puts up there. She always has in depth things to say about them. It really makes the layout creator feel like someone is really looking at and appreciating their work! REally awesome Melissa. Go check out what she said here

Off to hit the showers...pack up the car and go visit my aunt and grandparents again. More later! Have a fab dayyyyyy!


Fiona said...

Way to go Deb!!! Woohoooooooo!
I put a post on my blog about it too! (BTW Tracy, you need to change my blog url, lol).
And Congratulations Tracy!!!! How awesome to have your kit on Digipick of the day (even if it is via Deb's layout). :D

jane said...

that kit is awesome tracy!! congrats to both you and deb!! im really likin the stuff you've been making lately!! Robin's layout on her blog is fab with your kit she used!! hugs to you lady!!

Deb said...

I agree with you Jane - Tracy's kits are rocking!! So easy to work with too ....I'm off to check out Robin's layout! cya