Sunday, August 13, 2006

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. Isn't that the way the saying goes???

So....why do I expect the things I don't like about myself and my life to just change on their own, lol. That is what I am doing when I just bitch about things but do not make any changes. Hmmmm...another interesting thing I realized about myself.

So....that is my goal. Nothing lofty or unachievable. I will start small.

So for this week:

1) Health: Drink more water, eat six small meals, less diet soda
2) Relationship:
a) with hubby: less criticizing, more little touches and smacks on the bottom;)
watch my tone/facial expressions/body language when talking;
say at LEAST one nice thing about/to him a day
b)with kiddos: change the way we do bedtime, less tv (gotten bad since I
am trying to clean the house and get rid of stuff, more positive
c)with friends: contact some I have let slip away a bit

Ok...that is good for now, lol. Hard to not write everything down...but I don't want to get overwhelmed.

So....this will be my last post till Thursday...can't wait to get to the coast!! Soooo need it. Hoping for some Zen moments and some fun for the boys.

I told you before that I was lucky enough to work with some great designer's work...well here is anoter layout done with a digital Freebie's designer. her name is Joana Carvalho....her kits and doodles are fun and unique and just a pleasure to work with.

Here is a layout I did using her Old Friends-Shannon kit. I love the colors, patterns and especially the stitched paisley

I used it for my second part of my Double Trouble Sketch Challenge over at DF...don't forget the cool kit you get for your prize. Go check it out here.

Don't can still apply to be my guest CT spotlight member. You get TWO free kits, spotlight, fun challenge based off your gallery...No one is turned away. And...if you want, you can get the chance to fill two empty CT permanent positions. thanks to all who have applied so far..this will be so funnnnnn. (email me at if interested)

The link for the freebie quick page below is fixed now.

* Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.


Mish said...

Good for you Tracy! I wish you the best with your "life changes" this week. :-)

Raji said...

I'm also trying to live by some goals, good luck on yours Tracy, love that quote, how true! lol.

Kim said...

Those sound like great, attainable goals. Wonderful layout. Hope you're enjoying your trip!

jane said...

gonna miss you this week tracy!! have fun!! you sound so wise. I never make to-do lists and am always blissfully unaware for months at a time of all the things i should be improving on....of course then the dh rather bluntly makes my list for me, hehehheh!!!