Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First...thank you thank you thank you for the love and support you guys have been sending me regarding yesterday's post. It was important for me to get out there, because not many ppl talk about it. I wish more did...I would have been more informed when I started this journey. I am such a believer in helping each other through this funny thing called life. We are all in it together...why not hold hands and help each other up when we fall. Why not share are joys as well as our tears. You guys are all amazing and I just thank you for being there.

so...on to some scrapping news. I am hoping to get some fab layouts done...I have a some designer friends who are sharing their kits with me! I am so lucky!!!!!!

Another big old sale at Digital Freebies. Almost EVERYTHING is 40% off....there are some great designers and kits there! I am going to do some shopping of my own, hehehe.

Also....I had to point you guys to my friend Melinda's Digi Craft Challenge. She has a great craft up (as is all of them) and a great prize too! She supplies you with the template and instructions.

You can still do the challenge...even if you missed the chat. You have till the 8th.

Here is the prize:

Here is the craft

And...did you know you can buy her older templates? And support Rakscraps? Go to Scrapdish's day old donut section...that is where they sell things to pay for the running of Raks...and they are affordable.

ok....just had to get that plugged. I am going to try to get crafty.

Today Chase and I are suffering from allergies (I am hoping it is just allergies), so we are hanging low.

Don't forget to scroll down and see the freebies and challenges I have going on!

hugs...more later!


corri/mlmmom said...

Welcome back! I missed you! We are keeping you in our prayers.

I too wish Drs. would be more honest...I now have a irregular heart beat due to Imitrax (med for migraines) is one of the side effects that he forgot to tell me about...seems I am one of the 1 in a million odds! I hate watching ads on tv for meds--they blurt out or small print the side effects--I would have much rather just suffered from my least they weren't life threatening. We are reading a book right now by Kevin Trudeau, "Natural Cures:They don't want you to know about." It might help...we are using it to keep my heart under control and drop our blood pressure.

Keep your chin up-

Melinda said...

Thanks for the plug! :)

Pugsli said...

Just read yesterday's writings and wanted to let you know that your doctor can help you safely come off Cymbalta. My Dr. put me on it , I have early-onset Alzheimer's Disease and depression is one of the symptoms. Well, after being on it for awhile, Dr. decided I needed to come off it. It took 4 weeks and was not hard to do. Be sure and follow Dr.'s directions! You will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

You are so right to speak out. Wish they had the internet when my boys were young. I felt so isolated and CRAZY! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am learning so much from you!

I don't know how you manage to get done all that you do! My hat's off to you!

Oh almost forgot to thank you for the alpha. Got very emotional about what you wrote! Thank YOU!

jane said...

so sorry to hear you are going thru such a hard time sweetie!! and good for you for speaking out! I too listened to doctors while i was taking care of my mother....they put her on so many medications that were addictive that when we tried to take them off she started having seizures and deteriated her condition to the point where there was no coming back! I hope things get better for you soon! and you are able to get all this under control!
huge hugs to you!!!!!!!!!