Monday, August 07, 2006 I am in LOVE with a designer's work. I really need to get out more. She sells at Digital freebies and at Scrapbook elements. She is a super talented gal and guess what...she is SOOOOO sweet. Makes ya want to smack her huh? ehehhehehehe. just kidding.

So...Lara Payton's kits are so well as her elements...but man oh man...does this woman know how to put together quick pages!!! And her work is such high quality. Geesh...I sound like a groupie don't I?

You have got to check these out. I got to play with some quick pages she has over at SBE

Wait till you get to see what I did with some that are being released tomorrow...tehehehehehe. loveeee them.

We didn't get to the fair yesterday...they came home super dirty and super we just layed low. Daddy and Chase made Crab fetticini Alfredo and bread and broccoli. yummmmmmy.

Today we are going to the park, taking my toshiba laptop to be sent back for repair yet AGAIN!!! Good thing I have the extended warranty. It has a prob that I have found a lot of ppl are having. In the back..where you plug in the power cord....the little thing that is the the computer itself...comes loose. You cannot charge the battery and the computer dies. VERY frusterating since we just fixed this last December. GRRRR. Then we are taking lunch to their sister.....stillllll no baby Toby?!?! She has an appt today, so cross your fingers that something is starting to happen. and running...more later. Don't forget...there are two alpha freebies hidden in this blog...scroll down and find them. ONe is a glitter for My Cherished Kit and the other to explain it....expressive, lol. From my Creative Expression Kit.


Lara Payton said...

Sooooo.... does 'smack' mean hit or smooch?! LOL!! Thank you for such high praises ~ and from such a wonderful designer... just can't get any better than that :)

Mish said...

Thanks for showing off these cool pages Tracy. I love QP's that don't look like QP's!

Raji said...

Those QP's look great, love your LO's too.