Sunday, August 06, 2006

Freebie hidden somewhere in this post, lol.

Howdy howdy howdy!!What a gorgeous week of weather it has been here in Northern California. Let me just warn you...this is going to be a doozy of a post...but there will be a freebie somewhere in it, hehehe.

First...let's get the drama out of the way.

This post is called....lesson given, lesson learned.

So...Friday I took the boys to the zoo with a friend and her son. We had such a fun time....the boys made us go into the reptile house TWICE!! Hayden was scared a couple times....especially of the "crock crock...biiiiiggggg....big teeth....big eyes! Scareeee meeee" Hayden's exact words, lol. And at one point I touched his shoulder to tell him something and he jumped out of his skin! Poor things, lol. But he realllly liked all the creatures. We saw the was ahem.....pretty gross, lol. We had a picnic and walked and walked!!! was time to leave...we left the ready to cross the street, but missed the light. Hayden was next to Diane (whom he adores) while Chase was on the other side of her....Tyler by me. This woman was dragggggging these two little girls through moving traffic to catch the bus. We were shocked...staring after her and talking about how we couldn't believe it. The light turned green so we started to cross....I saw Diane walk a bit in front of me and then I saw her left hand...and it was NOT holding Hayden's. I froze and said...where is Hayden....I looked all around...he was NO WHERE in sight. I ran back to the zoo..screaming his name. No WHERE! I looked everywhere...could not see him. I was screaming his name. Then I saw this woman just watching me. She said in a really snotty daughter and I saw him and took him inside. She is there ...pointing into the zoo's store..inside the gates. Now...from the point I saw him next to diane to the point I noticed he was gone...I turned, we saw the woman, we commented and then started to walk...that fast. A) Thank Godddddd he was ok and returned to me. B) I was really hurt by the snotty tone of the woman and her daughter (yes...the daughter was snotty too) C) how the heck did they get him inside the store that fast....why wouldn't they look for the mom ro dad? D) Thank GODDDD I got my boy back to me safely. When he ran into my arms I literally fell to the ground and held him and cried. I was sooooo scared. He held me and said...shhhhh shhhh cry...momma scared." Poor guy.

So....there I was thinking how awful that woman was dragging her kiddos through traffic and I let MY child wander off. Judge not lest ye be judged. can happen sooooooo soooooo fast. Sigh.

On to the rest of the mom and dad came up on Thursday....took them to lunch and to the driving range (my dad is really into golf...he even made them a few of their own clubs, teehehee).

While they were doing that I went to lunch by myself and shopping. It was freaking awesome, lol. I forgot how much fun it is to shop and eat without dealing with monkies. Then I went and visited with a gal pal.

Chase had the last day of this session of swim lessons....teacher said he did great. Moved him up to the next level

Today we are supposed to take the boys to the county fair...if they get back in time. They have been helping daddy and grandpa get the orchard sprinklers finished.

Now...on to some layoutssssss!!

Here is one I did with Michelle Swadling's kit--Michelle's All Boy it here

How 'bout some layouts by my great design team????

Here are some they did with my Cherished kit.

Two by Deb:

By Melinda:

By Stacey:

Here is one by Jae at Digital Freebies using it too.

Here is a new one that Melinda did using Creative Expressions...isn't little Sarah getting so big?

How about another freebie?? Melinda requested a plain glitter alpha for here is the upper and lower...numbers etc to follow at a little later in the week.

Download it here: not share..send them here. Leave me a comment if you download too. Also....if you have used annnnyyyyy of my creations (freebies or not...) please email them to me or send me the link to them. I wanna totally makes my day. to finish the laundry, do my hair, find something bad to eat (starting the eating/exercise plan again tomorrow, lol) and hope the boys get home soon.

hugs and smooches.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, Tracy! My heart was totally pounding reading about Hayden getting separated from you! So glad it turned out ok!!!!

Wonderful layouts. Cute alpha. Thanks. :)

lori said...

How scary! I'm glad it all worked out!

Thanks for the alpha! I just bought the kit, too!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the alpha! you're so sweet!

I think it is inevitable that it will happen at some point in a parent's life that you will 'lose' a child for a little while. It only seems to be happening more as mine get older because they wander off by themselves more thinking I know where they will be (or just not thinking LOL). I know they need to learn independance, but it is so hard to let go and trust they will be OK! I'm glad it turned out all right.

Raji said...

That must've been really scray, glad that everything is alright with Hayden. Beautiful LO & thanks for the cute alphas Tracy.

carmel said...

thank you for the pretty alpha, Tracy. and glad that Hayden is ok!

kimsmith(vkimmycat) said...

Ok, so I read the post, re-read it, read it to Mom, and we both have the same sinking feeling: where was this woman and her daughter while you and your friend were talking about the lady playing in traffic with her daughters???? Were they nearby and overheard your conversation? Mom and I think that was the case, and this woman and her daughter wanted to "teach you a lesson". There is no way, finding a child on a sidewalk, that I would take the child anywhere without first asking those present on the sidewalk if the child belonged to them. The whole thing sounds fishy to me, unfortunately. Of course, Dad added his 2 cents, being the ex-cop - "you should have asked the woman questions while you had her there to find out exactly how she "found" your baby". He doesn't buy it either.

Anyways, we're all glad that Haydee is ok and that you did learn to depend on YOU to keep track of your kids. Too many crazies out there these days.

Thanks for the freebie, it looks great hon!

I love all of the lo's and pics you shared - your team does an awesome job with your designs!

Big hugs,