Wednesday, August 23, 2006


what? already? no wayyyyy. catch you up.....

Monday morning started off at 7:45a. Chase's first of all...I was so excited for my baby. We show up at school and got a little more than we bargained for. TEacher was frazzled, the afternoon teacher that acts as her helper in the morning quit on fri before school started. ours is new to the school and had no frickin clue what was going on. I stayed at school for the orientation and then went to the store with Hayden. Then went back at lunch...yes...lunch. they forgot to tell us that before school started too! I pick him up at 11:55a and they still have lunch. So I had to buy his lunch at the cafeteria. They have 20mins to get to the cafeteria from their class, get their lunches and eat. 5yr olds...yeah right. And what happened to milk cartons...the old fashioned kind??? Now they have these plastic bags of milk...that are all wobbly and what not...that you try to poke a freaking straw into without spilling it everywhere. sighhhhhh. Then getting out was a mad house since the bigger kids are coming in for lunch at that time. We had several of our guys start to cry because there was so much caos.

So...after school....we went to lunch with my aunt and looked all over town for a lunch box and thermos....there were hardly any left!!! Then home for a quick nap and then to swim lessons.

Swimmmmm lessonssss...another fun trip, lol.We show up and they had NO Fng record of us. so....we had to put them both in level 1...which Chase just finished...though he doesn't care since he is swimming. and it helped get hayden in the water (which he wanted nothing to do with at first....big pool and a stranger...say what?). So then it was home for bath, dinner, clean up, book and bed. I fell asleep in bed with them, lol. Woke up at 3a with one heck of a neck cramp

Tuesday dropped chase off and then Hayden and I went to see sissy and the grand-baby. He was awake the wholllleee time. Man is he cuteeeeee. He just loveees his grammy. I bought him this cute elephant humidifier at Target: (ours is blue and it was on clearance for 20.00 and it is way cuter in person)

Also took her a handprint clay kit, some clothes etc. Jen is doing good...looks happy and healthy.

Tuesday's school was no fact she lost 4 kids leaving the lunch room and tried to blame it on me and another mom. So I was fed up. After we got home, I went back to the school and asked the principal to put him in the other morning teacher's class...she has been there forever, has an awesome reputation and 3 kids from Chase's preschool are in there. And they only have 16 kids. But he basically said no...give it a few more days. Got home, got hayden down for nap, worked with chase on his letters, got htem to swim lessons, got home, bath dinner and then Tyler came over while his mom went to a meeting. He left at 9 something and got the boys to bed (which was hard since they were wired).

Today got Chase to school, hayden and I went in search of a bday present and a few more short sleeved shirts for Chase. then I stood back and watched how lunch went. She told me "I really missed your help at lunch" Duhh no shit...I do everything, lol. Then I introduced her to my friend dawn who has a son in the other class. Told her that she might pick Chase up once in awhile if he is going to Joey's for a playdate. Mrs West (teacher) said...that is long as you don't take him out of my class. My husband was asking who Chase was...but hten she got cut off. So...I got the impression that the principal told her what I said and wanted to do. sighhhh.

Then we came home and had a snack and all three of us laid down for a nap. Then Chase and I got up and worked on our letters. Hayden just woke up....they are eating another snack. Then off to swim lessons and Brea and boyfriend coming for dinner.

good lord I am tired.

Heard from the soccer coach finally. Practices start next week and will be TWO times a week...Monday and Wed. Games every Sat.

Have to buy jersey, shorts, shin gaurds, shoes, socks and a number three soccer ball. He better like this sport, teeehee.

boy did I do a lot of whining up there or what, lol. talk on the positive...I feel really good being so busy. I seem to get more done...feel more "placed".

So...that is what I have been up to, lol.

Here is part two of the sweet girl freebie I am offering.

I will be passing this out in a couple diff parts. also..a couple things. Leave a comment if you grab it please. Don't get the links somewhere else...come here and read about my boring life, lol.

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hugs and smooches


Anonymous said...

Thanks! It's so cute!

Gina said...

Thanks for more PINK!!! :) And, we have the frog humidifier like your elephant one - got ours at Target. They love their froggie!

Raji said...

Thanks for the freebie, I'm having some problem with Filefront, will download it later, that humdifier is cute!

Kim said...

Wow! So sorry the school year is off to such a chaotic start. Hopefully, the teacher will get things under control soon!

slkone said...

OMG - can I just say I had no idea what the elephant picture was (because I hadn't read up to that point) and then my son (who was looking over my shoulder) said, "Is that a humidifier?" Say what? The kid knows his humidifiers - he's had one in his room since the age of 1 (no water in it - it's really just a fan). OK sorry for the novel...

Anonymous said...

Boring...NO! Love reading your thoughts about life and it's ups and downs. Thanks for the 2nd part.

lukasmummy said...

Thank you for sharing its lovely