Friday, August 25, 2006

Yayyyy! It's the weekend!!! I am so ready for it to be, lol.

So...just to let you guys has calmed down a bit. For the last couple days I have just been standing back and watching things happen. Not going in at lunch etc. I am pretty sure that the Principal talked to the teacher...told her I came in. She said "Just dont take Chase out of my class" when I was talking to her and she has totally changed the way she does the lunch line. I feel a little self-conscious now, but need to get over it...he is my kid after all, lol.

My mom came yesterday and played with the boys for a bit....and ended up taking the boys for the weekend, lol. She and my aunt talked me into is the last weekend they will be able to do this for quite awhile....since Chase is starting soccer. He will have games every Sat, so I agreed. And it feels good. I do feel badly since we were going to a kid at school's bday party today...but I didn't know anyone who would be there and I never said yes, lol. I am feeling so guilty...ughhhh. Now I can get the house clean for the party we are having tomorrow night.

So my baby growing up didn't really regeister that first day to kindy...but when I was watching him leave to lunch yesterday. He didn't know I was watching, so I could just see him being himself. He walked out so self-confident...little backpack on. He waved at some friends in the sandbox as they filed past them. He went into the cafeteria...picked out his choices and put them on his tray and went and sat down. He just looked so precious and so biiigggg! Wahhhhhhh.

Then when I came to pick him up...his obvious joy at seeing me just melted my heart. His little head peeked over the kid infront of him in line. He jumped up and down and waved and said...hi mommmmmy!!!! Then I had this flash of realization that one day he would be "too cool" to do that. That I better enjoy this while I can, lol. That he could run up to me and plant a sloppy wet one on me, give Hayden a big love and hold my hand as we walked to the car.

They are just such beautiful children...they really are

Hayden's compassion and love is reallly starting to shine through. He is helping his brother more, just giving love for no reason, just really growing up. I think it helps that he is talking more and is able to express himself better. And he and I really are enjoying our time together. In just the one week I have seen a difference in him. He is able to talk to me and not be interrupted. He is able to do somethings that he wants to do and not what brother wants to do, lol.

So..that is what is going on here at home.

I have had nooooo time to scrap and it is making a bit crazy, lol. Hope to get a little done today.

My part of the Scrappin Digi Kreation's freebie mega kit is up now!!!!

Go grab it up and show me what you do with it!!!! I am so excited to see what you do...I think this is a fun kit, if I do say so, teeehee.

 is the last part of my sweet girl freebie kit! I hope you guys use it..please send me a link if you do...I really love to see what you do.

Download here and leave me some love eh??


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the final link! It's really cute!

slkone said...

Oh, he's growing up. Wow! What a big boy! Oh, and your kit is gorgeous!

Melinda said...

So glad that school seems to have settled down for everyone. If going to the Principal helped get the teacher calmed down and more focused then it was right to have done it! You have to do what you know is right for your child.

I'm not having luck with the DL service. It just doesn't like me for some reason. I've tried a couple of times today to grab the file and it starts and then just never goes anywhere- thus the fairly high DL count and so few comments.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the little girl kit. I'll be having a little girl in about 6 weeks and I cannot wait. This will help with getting some of her pics scrapped, cuz i know I'll take lots of pics. Thanks again.

Elareldan said...

That is so beautiful kit, and I would love to get all the parts but for some reson the 3rd part of the kit is not working. But anyway thanks for sharing this awesome baby girl kit!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable, Traci! Thank you very much.

Serena said...

You are SO cute. Really! I have been having a blast looking through your blog, thank you!!!!