Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well...crud! The Blankenship household has been hit with the stomach bug. sigh. Chase started to throw up and he aches all over...has a fever of 101+ under his arm so you know it is higher (just can't put in his mouth since he finally fell asleep). I am now sick too...up came dinner. Hayden is still ok..we will see how that goes. I am so bummed since tomorrow (friday so today if you are reading it then) is Dr Seuss day at school. I was supposed to be working and we were doing Green eggs and ham and all kinds of fun stuff. I will have Bran take over the electric skillets for them and then we will all cuddle up together. I told Chase if we are able to move around we would read do some dr seuss crafts and we will Def read some of his books. He is so bummed.

But...since we are bed bound...I did whip out a layout that I just LOVE...yup...I heart it. I used Dani's Crazy Love kit.

Man I want to be a Dani's girl. I love their blog, I love her designs...I just love love love the whole thing. I wonder if I can sneek in and she will just think I have been one of her CT the whole time, lol. Maybe Melinda will vouch for me,lol! A girl can dream right?

I also made this a template, but you will have to wait since I don't want to zip it all up and upload it tonight, lol. But it will be yours I promise. There is a freebie template two posts baby you're a star. grab it up!!

I will be starting up a new challenge over at SDK on Monday (have you guys been playing along with any of them??) and another element challenge over at Raks...make sure to check them out.

My mom comes home on Saturday (she has been on a Carribean Cruise, the turkey) and I missssss her! But I won't get to see her for a bit as she goes back to work on Sunday. I wish she would just retire already!

Not sure what we have planned for the weekend. We have sooooo many projects to do around the goodness. Especially since we saw how gorgeous the Strand house is...they have done such an amazing job there. Makes me long for my house to be that way. We haven't done too much since I have always just thought of this house as a started house...but who knows how long we will be here...might as well make it gorgeous right? do guzzle some more pepto and crawl under the covers. wahhhhh.



Melinda said...

I hope it is over quickly and you all feel better soon! bummer about missing Dr Seuss day though :(

Kim said...

So sorry you guys are sick! Hope it's a short thing. The layout is gorgeous. :)

Donnatopia said...

Welcome back... We missed you. Sounds like you had a blast. I love the photo of all the boys in bed. Tooooo cute. So sorry you're feeling under the weather. Hopefully, it'll pass soon. In the meantime, get plenty of rest and drink a lot of liquids.

Joyce said...

So sorry you guys aren't feeling good, let's hope it doesn't stick around and go from one to the other.
Hope your back on your feet soon!