Friday, March 30, 2007

me again. some updates and some pics for you!!

So...Kim started her egg hunt at SDK today. you can get all 16 pieces by hunting through the forums. For more details, check here! I loveeee these hunts....and she was pretty easy on us, lol! You only have till April 1st to get all of them~good luck

and I have been warning you I would post some ya go!

here are some from today...can't show a lot since they have other kiddos with no parental release

this is a mom helping chase count his eggs...they were supposed to have 16 each..he had like 25...he eagerly shared the extras ;)
here is our doodle pro I found the other day. Chase wrote this. I MELTED I tell you. He loves his little brother soooo much. I **** am*****so****blessed!!! I hope I can write that in 8yrs,lol

here are some tball pics:

this little cutie talking with Chase is Kristen. She is on the opposite team but is in his kindy class. she has informed her mom that she has a crush on Chase...he is so sweet and funny (heheh). And there is a girl on HIS team named Zoe...she is in our class too...she has informed me that she is marrying Chase, lol. But I loveee this pic of Chase and Kristen.this one cracks me up. It is Chase on the right...standing on base sizing up the other team member...isn't it a hoot???? He is SOOOOO not competitive, btw. He is always chatting up the other team and asking them to come over and play.
Now...this one cracks me up. The boys wanted to do some art. I told Hayden to go take off his shoes and put them away. Then come back out and we would get to it. After quite a few mins...I went into his room and found him like this. He had found a hidden binky (we have been getting these out of his routine) and a off by him...and couldn't even make it on his bed. heheheheh rolling daddy and my 5yr old are big old geeks. I always find them talking geology, science, national geographics, zoobooks magazine etc. I heart them so much. lol to crawl into bed with my nyquil and trash tv. love and hugs.


Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

all of your pictures are absolutely magnificent.. LOVE THEM ALL!!!! :) GREAT JOB:)

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh That is so sweet that your oldest loves your youngest so much. Love the photos, sounds like he has a big heart. The one where your little one is fast asleep is just prescious. Play hard then out like a light! But the one that cracks me up is the one with your hubby and son reading! What a hoot! Happy Saturday!

Life on the Hill

Anonymous said...

What adorable pics Tracy. I love them all. You have such a great collection of memories here. All just soooo precious!
I'm keeping tuned for the layouts you create with them.
Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Heaps of hugs,