Sunday, March 25, 2007

all right! I am maddddd. what happened to my SPRING???? We had collldddddd. Then we had spring for a couple days. Then we had HOTTTTTT (ok....for me at this time it was...almost 88 for goodness sakes). Then we had PERFECT for a while (minus the days of wind). Now it is overcast, windy and cold. hurumph!

First off...Josie...the links you left me didn't work...I will try to go find your layout hon. thanks for trying to show me. I love to see your layouts using my templates or goodies!

I am so gladdddd that I am not the only one who had the dreaded catch all room! phew...I feel better. Do you all have the same garage? I so want a garage that is clear and pretty. I have personally cleaned ours all by myself THREE times. And my darling hubby keeps shoving more crap in there. He has his scuba stuff and all his low voltage work stuff in there. And he hasn't put away the xmas stuff yet. Guess I will have to get to that. It doesn't help we don't have an attic. sighhh. I want an attic. I am looking into getting something like these

cool huh????

I have been really good this year with my purging. I have gotten rid of tonssss of stuff. And in two weeks my book club is having a garage sale to raise money for the breast cancer walk we are doing and for our trip we want to take. so the rest of my stuff that I was going to ebay and stillllllllll haven't done will go there. dh will be soooo happy.

Yesterday we got up at to the ball field by 8a! What possesses them to have a game at 8a?!?!?!?! Trying to drag Chase out of his bunk bed and wake him up was comical! And Hayden was NOT amused. AT ALL. I mean really. When we have somewhere to go...they don't want to wake up...but give me a day I can sleep this morning....and they both are sitting on me trying to open my eyelids (really they were) at 6a?!?!?!?!? People...pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! Then I hit Staples---Melinda gave me the heads up that their double sided paper paks of 50 were on sale for $1.98. And I picked up some garage sale tags. Boy...that store is DANGEROUS for me. I have a thing for stationery and office supplies. When I was reading my copy of Digital Scrapbooking Mag...the bit on Shannon Freeman...I started laughing so hard at the part where they say..."like many scrapbookers, Shannon had a childhood passion for stationery and office supplies..." all makes sense. It was my has been in my blood forever! I have alawys loved it! Phew. :)

After that I hit Joanns for some foam letters...making some flags that say Go Rangers for Chase's team moms. Then I forced myself to come home. Bran headed off for his dive trip and the boys and I just hung out. Got to chat with my bud online for a bit.

Now....I have a problem. I am in my 30's and am getting acne! What the heck??? And I have tried my over the counter no avail. It is def hormone related as it gets worse around "that" time and clears up just for a week...and starts over. any of you use Proactiv? Do you like it really? Does it really work? This is just SILLY. I didn't have it as a teen for goodness sakes.

In scrapping news:here are two layouts I finished up....go here for full credits!

for the one of the boys...I used my dear friend Robin's Pals kit. She is going to stop designing for a bit wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and his having a big honking sale over at Scrapdish!

Now...some of you expressed interest in getting the spring dreams add on kit I am using as a prize. For part two...just go here and do the challenge. It is a scraplift...easy as pie....wait...I can't make good pie...ummmmmm easy as buying scrapping kits!

Now...the first part of the challenge is you want is what you can do. Go here and do ANY of these challenges. Post the link in their gallery and the thread. You will get a prize from them and a prize from me! how cool and easy is that????

And...I am starting to clean up the spree is not just in the house,l ol
and found some old prizes I have used for challenges etc. Thought I would share some here too!

This one was for a Rakscraps Element Challenge.

click here to download PART 1...and tell it true...did/do you really like stationery and office supplies??? (no sharing, selling, claiming, throwing at people, using as papers in your bird cage, writing hate mail and leaving it on someone's windshield)

hugs and love


Sharon-shutterbug said...

Oh jeez - office supply stores and hardward stores have always been among my favorite places to shop. Papers, markers, all kinds of cool little doo-dads . . . heaven! Thanks for the freebie, BTW!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, office supply stores, the office supply or gift wrap aisles of Target should be off limits to me! Even my local hardware store now has cute little stationary kinds of things to peruse!

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

I wanted to comment on the acne problem. I'll be 51 in June, and I STILL have problems with it. As far as the ProActive, I've never used it, but I have used a product called AcneFree. I've not been consistent with it, but it is a good product. It's a "compare to ProActive" product. It has all the same ingredients as ProActive for half the cost. You can find it at WalMart for $20.00. Hope this helps some.

Melinda said...

Thanks Tracy! always loved stationary and such. I still have my MrsGrossman sticker binder from when I was little ;) can't bear to part with them- can't use them either LOL!

Anonymous said...

Those look super cool! Let us know how they turn out if you do get them. By the way, I used your sticker border and one of your templates. Thought you might like to see. (I hope I credited you properly!) I love your stuff!! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it cut off the end. Let's try this. Delete ths space before photo and it should work.

OrianaVianey said...

Definetly... I did have a madly passion for pen, stationary, stickers and office supplies.. and I still do... LOL
Have tons of notepads, pens, scissors, sharpys... LOL
Maybe they are right... is a sign... LOL

twoboyz00 said...

Um, let's see, I LOVE all the colored pens and markers out there, especially the glittery ones, and I drool all over the Current catalog when I get it. Does that count?? Thanks for the mini kit, very nice!

Savannah Brentnall said...

I also suffer from hormone-related acne. I've tried Proactiv and although it did clear up the acne initially, it also made my skin very dry and flake and a bit tough. I eventually had to stop using it.

I now take a generic form of prescription Accutane, which keeps the acne in check by modifying my hormone levels rather than by treating the surface of the skin. But you can't take it if you're planning on getting pregnant, since it causes birth defects.

LVMommy22 said...

i love office supplies! always have. and my DD, who is 2, is already following in mama's footsteps - yikes! lol!
my friend uses proactiv and swears by it. her skin cleared up and looks great. give it a try - doesn't it come with a guarantee?
:) M

PSharp said...

Love office supplies, doesn't everyone? Thank you for the goodies.

LVMommy22 said...

tracy, i'm afraid i'm going to have to give this part back. i guess i didn't read your tou's very well and, well, if you aren't going to let us write evil notes to leave on people's windsheilds, well, i guess i won't be able to use this kit after all. sniff.
;) M

Andrea said...

Those storage things are cool! I have a catch all basement :(! Thanks for the freebies!

RuthP said...

Thank you for the kits, I am definitely enjoying springy stuff right now. We have some of the garage storage racks similar to the ones in the bottom photo - it is amazing how much stuff will fit in them, and when the garage door is up no one can see them from the street, so the garage looks much cleaner. As for acne problems... I hate to tell you this, but I am 47 and have worse acne now than I ever have before, including my teens.

Myxi said...

There is something about a fresh clean legal pad that makes me drool. I have 3, yes 3 staple pullers. (I have yet to pull a staple) Pushpins..omg, I need more, got any? *smile* I love all kinds of office supplies. I wish I could use a Sharpie right now in this comment box. I'd even draw a doodle or three. I love corkboards too, have 'em up all around my desk at work where I put silly stuff like a cartoon picture of a monkey with lipstick that says, "I wasn't hired for my brains, I was hired for my looks." Colored in of course, with using my various colored Sharpies! Thanks so much for the goodies! I've never used pro activ, but it sureeeeee is expensive.

Ruby said...

I love those garage storage ideas. We are planning on cleaning and painting our garage this spring. I am going to show your pix to dh and see if I can get him to agree to some. Love the shelves over the door opener rails...that's just wasted space otherwise. we have attic space above the garage, but it isn't really usable with all the trusses.
Do you have a source for that stuff?

Gwenevere Dupus said...

Thanks Tracy!! (and i loveeee stationnary!! lol)

Dee said...

Thanks for the freebies.
Don't give up on the weight loss. In January last year I started the Nutri System diet, and lost 60 lbs. When I reach 67 it will be a pound for each year of my age! :) I know exactly how you feel. It wasn't easy, and I tripped and fell some times, but I eventually made it. Hang in and take it one day at at time. Best of luck.