Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am so so so so sad right nowwww~I am just sitting here crying.

I had so much planned today. I was going to work on layouts and prizes and emails while letting the boys do some art and playdough and run around out back (with me watching of course). I have been kind of irritable lately with them. I have been kind of cranky that I am not getting enough Me time. Brandon is has been working around the clock since like the beginning of Feb. We had our vacation...but still kind of no me time, kwim. And then with the sickies and them missing school and then taking care of mom etc etc...just been feeling a little tired and cranky. When I was cleaning up from dinner last night..the boys were screaming and getting into a tiff. They kept coming to me tattling. I had had it. I raised my voice and told them to go on....and sent them to their room. Then I was sitting there on the couch takign a breather and Chase wanted to play pirates with me again. I sighed and said...not now son...and he was so sad.

So then I get up today and clean some more and get them fed...and they want to play with me and I say...let momma just check my emails...and I go to the forum at DST and see this post! heartbreakingly sad. Made me do a reality check. How freaking lucky am I?!?!?! How wonderful are my children and htey actually WANT to play with me. Cranky mean irritable meeeee. How I take my life for granted. How much can change in an instant. If my deepest wishes and prayers are children will live long happy lives. And one day they will not want me around so much. I will have all the free time in the world then to check my email and read my books.

So...that being said. I am off today. Off to enjoy the sun with my precious boys. Off to get a frozen yogurt and eat in the park. Off to make memories instead of preserve them. Off to play pirates.


love and hugs

If I owe you an email regarding how to templates etc...I promise I will get to them tonight.


Anonymous said...

From one mommy to another - I totally understand how you feel and I think I shall do the same. You've inspired me to spend time with my boys. I hope you have a great day.

Kimberkatt said...

OMG! This made me open my (tearful) eyes a little wider to the whole big picture of life!! I, also, have been cranky around my children lately because of lack of "me" time... But, I am not "ME" without my children, and I need to stop and realize that more often!! Thank you sooooo much for for making me realize this... and now I'm off to go read with my 2yr old and snuggle with my 10mo old...

smanda said...

Your post made me cry too! I'll agree i do the same thing too, moody because i dont get enough me time. thanks for making me realize this too.

Raji said...

I know, I cried after reading that post, I've also been super cranky these days, after reading that blog, I hugged Maanasa & thanked God for his blessings.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Thank you for the reminder. I'm getting off the computer right now to go be with my kids.

Jan said...

It's hard to have little ones - they're soooo labor-intensive. Sometimes I've told my boys (when they were younger) that Mommy needed a time-out for a few minutes! That gives you time to catch your breath, regroup, refocus, and gain perspective. They didn't always understand why, but they could understand the concept of giving me a few minutes breathing room so they didn't get yelled at! lol!!
It gets a little easier when they get to the stage where they can at least put on their own clothes in the morning, feed themselves a bit of breakfast (even if you leave it out on the table for them the night before, and leave tippy cups in the fridge), and no longer need diapers changed. Sometimes it seems like that day will never come. But it does. And then there are new challenges to face! :-)
Hang in there! Every mom has been there, and you'll be there again. Just plan your coping strategy for the next time - ahead of time!