Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today's freebies are in the post below this one. ;)

So...some of you commented and emailed me regarding the prizes I gave out for Rakscraps challenges (see below) and if they would ever be available again.

Tell ya what I will do.

Go here to SDK. Do ANY three challenges (there are so many fun ones) and post them in the right threads. Send me the links (tmblankenship@gmail.com--put SDK challenges in the subject line) and I will send you the papers, elements and template! Easy Peasy!

Chase is still pretty sicko, poor baby. I thought today would be the day to go back to school but he is hacking up wonderfully shamrock green stuff (tmi I know) and coughing and coughing. If this isn't better tonight...we are heading to the doc tomorrow. It is breaking my heart I tell you.

So...besides more housework...it will be fun to try to entertain two cranky boys one who is sick.

My dh and I also had the "talk" again. The one regarding my computer time and scrapping. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He just doesn't get it. It doesn't matter that I only do it while the kids are napping, or just waking up or asleep. He thinks it is a waste of time and would really like me to spend it cleaning or cooking. He doesn't really come out and SAY that...but through the conversation you get that. When I was starting out and then again when I was selling...we had a couple very HEATED convos. He said he understands it is my only creative outlet and that I really enjoy it...but he still gets cranky. It is ok for him to stare blankly at a tv screen mind you. Any way...just a mildly irritated vent from a woman with not enough sleep, lol. Do any of you have this problem? If so...how do you guys deal with it. I was thinking of setting up a schedule or something. I don't know. I do know I am really addicted to my scrapping and computer time and friends...and would love to spend all my free time here. But I don't. And I will be going back to the gym (once everyone is healthy). I have noticed my behind has grown and my arms jiggle a lot more since I started digiscrappin,lol.

Here is my layout for the scrapjack blog challenge: too fun. full credits here

ok...off to shower and start cleaning like a good wifey, hehehehhahahahahah snicker.

have a fab day and remember...be extra nice to someone today. A smile and hello go a long way. An act of kindness will brighten more than just someone's day.


Mish said...

Hugs Tracy! Sounds like you've had a rough couple of days. Sick kids are no fun...but at least at my house, they are actually easier to deal with!

I'm sorry your DH doesn't get into your computer time. Does he have any hobbies (besides TV watching) that he spends time doing? That has to be frustrating. Maybe a schedule would appease him...

Hang in there. And thanks for the freebies!

AmyK said...

Tracy, your layout made me giggle. You are so wild and crazy, mama!! I'm sorry to hear you've got a sick little guy, and even sorrier to hear about more troubles with hubby. Is he jealous of your time, and wants to spend more time with you? Do you guys have a date night when you can go out together and have some good quality time? I hope you get it sorted out and still get your hobby time!! (((hugs)))

Mara said...

I hope you will not stay to long a good housewife.
I love your creativity.
good healthy to your family

Nicole said...

I have the same hubby problem as you. And like you, I don't know what the right answer is. I don't plan on giving up my fun time, so I kinda think--This is the way it's gonna be. Get used to it:) Probably not the right attitude to have, but scrapping is just too much fun.

LVMommy22 said...

i have the same prob w/my hubby, too. he thinks that because i stay home that i don't work. therefore, i don't need a break. he just doesn't understand that i'm 'at work' 24 hours a day - i never get to leave work and go home because i'm already there!!! arggg! it's very frustrating. i've decided that i'm just going to put everyone and everything in my life in stasis/on hold (like in a sci-fi movie) for a couple hours each day so i can have a break, since no one else can function without me. now stop laughing! this is a great idea and i know it will work!!! beam me up scotty!
:) M

LoriM said...

DH and I have had discussions in the past but no arguments about the amount of time spent digiscrappin' so I know what you mean. I finally realized my addiction needed some control and I did cut back on my own but every once in a while the urge strikes... lol... hope everything works out. I love your freebies btw. Thank you.

laura said...

Your LO is so fun. Love that towel look :) I hear ya on the husband thang. I guess you just have to keep reiterating that things ARE getting done around the house, and you ARE giving the little guys quality time... and that YOUR computer time equates to HIS TV time. Just different strokes for different folks. No down time for Traci equates to no outlet equates to crabby hours... and he doesn't want to see that... right???? Hahaha.. make a computer schedule and right beside it, a TV schedule. Just kidding. That would backfire.

Laura said...

oops .. Tracy, I mispelled your name earlier. Sorry bout that.

Nay said...

I know exactly what you are talking about regarding your DH. My DH thinks staring at a TV screen is "unwinding" but my scrapping is a waste of time. I just ignore him. Well...as much as I can get away with! hahaha

Thank you for the freebies!

BeckyA said...

So sorry to hear your house has the sickies, but I sure do love your jack!!! Fun fun fun!!! Thank you for sharing those fun doodle borders too!!!!

Lourdes Manners said...

Oh Tracy do I understand your frustration with dh. I have that here too. He says I spend way to much time on the computer and mind you I don't even design, just looking for freebies and scraping or chatting (which I don't do as much anymore because of arguing). He likes to see my lo's and understands that I enjoy it, but he says it takes away from family time and hubby time. I still haven't figured out how to manage it all but I try cutting down on time.

I hope you all feel better soon and thanks for the great freebie.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I love your work! Your artistic outlets are imperative for your personal growth and your spiritual well-being. Having interests of your own leave you in a better frame of mind to cope with your life's duties. Tell him to get over it.
P.S. I have been married (to the
same man) for 38 years and I know
of which I speak.

Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrapjack. It's so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!
(On my To Do List tonight is to try and do my jack too!)

Janice said...

lol.. I love that LO!! It looks like so much fun!!