Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shutterfly Photo Book Arrived!!!

Wowowowo! I loveeeee it!

So...first...can we say speedy!?! I ordered on 3.26.07 and got it today...3.30.07

and normal delivery

here are some pics:

me hugging my new baby! Finally I have some layouts in print in one place. ahhhhh

lookie lookie happpyyyy

the beauty in it's glory

the main reason I want to get them allll printed now. Chase LOVES my book. He couldn't get enoughhhh!
My aunt tried to steal it and got teary eyed. Brandon (dh) is loving it too. He says it makes it more REAL to him. Now he GETS what I do,lol. My mom is going to order 1 with ALL my layouts.

My thoughts on this from start to finish!

1) the process is super easy peasy! They give you some veryyyy easy to use templates, specs and tips. They almost OVERexplain it...not that that is a bad thing.

2) I was very nervous about my layouts. A lot of them go all the way to the edge...even "hang" off. It tells you right in the instructions...don't have things that do this. "Avoid placing critical design elements less than 1/2 inch from the edges of book pages (particularly on the edge which will be bound into the book)
So...I was careful about placing the ones with the writing away from the binding. But still I could tell by looking at their templates...I would lose a lot of critical pieces of my layouts. So...I kind of played with things and got what I needed in "the live area" as they call it. I was wondering if I would have a lot of white border...but I didn't. Granted. I didn't use the layouts that REALLY went all the way to the edge. I think to do that you would have to just deal with some white border...but I def think it is still worth it adn will do it myself.

3) I placed my order at basically 3. something days later my order came

4) the color is awesome. perfect. wonderful. I felt like it was 3-d. You want to touch the pages.

5) Quality is excellent. I can't see it falling apart easily...even if you look at it a lot.

6) perfect size for me (I used 8x8)

7) they go on sale allll the time!

overall rating: 9 only because I am not sure how to deal with the layouts I have going all the way to the edge.

I will soon have a shelf full of these!

disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Shutterfly nor has my opinion been guided in any way.


2rejoyce said...
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2rejoyce said...

(Sorry about the other one-WOW first comment! LOL)
This sounds like a wonderful way to print LO's! Did you think it was a great price value? What did you mean about "to the edge"? What I see looks great!
BTW- thanks for ALL the freebies

Kim said...

That looks so cute! I'll definitely have to try one of those whenever I get to scrapping again!

Paula said...

I've done two of these Shutterfly Photobooks and they are awesome!!! The first one I did for my mom for Christmas. I got it in about three days too with regular shipping. When I got it there was NO WAY I could wait the few weeks until Christmas! I showed it to her real quick and asked if I could have it back to show to people! Since then, I have done another for my MIL. I have yet to do one for myself though. I want to wait until I get more pages done and do one for each of my kids.

Yours looks like it turned out great too! Can I ask how you did your cover? That's the only part I had trouble with. Do you use one of their predone ones or was yours one of your own pages? I tried doing one with my own text at the bottom (I liked using my own fonts instead of the few you can choose on Shutterfly), but it was very hard to center the cover page.

Great job though! It's gorgeous!

twoboyz00 said...

Wow, your book turned out great!

Carol said...

I'm so pleased that you did a commentary about your book, because you've sold me on it now (just have to work out the US/AUS conversion, hmmmmm). It looks fabulous and you look so pleased. I must mention also that I've used your stitches quite a lot in my layouts now. I ADORE THEM!!! They are so different from normal stitches, I think they make the background look like it's canvas. They are definitely one of my favourite things to use. Keep it up, love your blog!

Robin said...

Yay!!!! I can't see that picture of you though. I'm glad your book came so quickly and that you love it!!!! :)