Wednesday, March 07, 2007

happy wednesday all! I actually got some sleep last night...woohoooo!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments regarding my time and my dh. I know I need this time for me and he knows it just makes it hard. As for his hobbies...his are a little more difficult to do. When not working (of which he does a TON of his time ;) ) he likes to do another kind of work...low voltage wiring and tv installation. He also likes to fly (which we can't afford for him to finish up right now) and he loves to scuba dive...which he does as often as he can. when the weather is nicer...the boys and I will accompany him to the ocean to fulfill that need...we like to camp.Other than that...he likes to putter around the shop or yard... and he likes to watch tv. But that is the thing...he doesn't really want to spend more time with me...he is a total loner and is working till at least 7p every night...even works on weekends. He just thinks I should be doing something more constructive with my time, lol. But he will just have to deal and I will have to get a thicker skin!

Speaking of dh...I have colored my hair forever. way before I "needed" to. well...lately...since my gran's illenss and death...I kind of just stopped. ran out of time and then just never have gotten around to it. So I have some lovely white/silver hairs showing up and this streak to the right of my forehead. So I go buy some dye...get ready to go for it...and dh tells me he really prefers it as it is. he says my natural hair color is so pretty (kind of dark brown with a hint of reddish) and shiny (it is a LOT shinier since I haven't colored it...even had the hairdresser comment about it) and he really digs the streak. Isn't that hysterical??? So...I decided to let it go for as long as i can take it...which probably won't be long. I miss the hip streaks in the summer etc. Just thought it was funny since he rarely tells me his opinion about those things. He will compliment me and all...but ;)

On to other news...tomorrow I have to go with my mom to a proceedure so I will go down this afternoon and spend the night. DH will watch the boys. It will be nice for us...haven't seen her in two weeks and I miss her. And it will be just us since my dad is away at a golf tournament.

I have some layouts in the works and a couple freebies almost done. Other than that...nada. one is leaving me any book recommendations...come on a lady out will ya!?!

oh..and my new designer Bren has an awesommmmmmme freebie on her blog!!! woohoo!!!! go grab it here and remember to leave her some love!

signing off for today..hugs!!!


IkeaGoddess said...

Hi Sweety, was thinking about your probs with dh. Our evenings used to be similar: boy-friend on the PC (online-gamer) and me in front of the TV (hadn't found digi-scrappin' yet). I got frustrated about his PC time too, cause I couldn't be a part of it, and couldn't chit-chat with him during that time, cause we were in separate rooms. Now we both sit in our own half of the office room working the PCs (his half is dark blue and mine is pink he-he). I found that the best part is that we can both do what we like and can still chat over doing that. So how about setting up your PC in the TV-room. That way you can both spend the same amount of leisure time and chat while you're doing that. Men sure are strange sometimes, aren't they? I really have given up on trying to figure them out.

Melinda said...

My DH may not like all of the time I spend on the PC, but before I was glued to the computer I was a fixture behind my scrapping desk or sitting in front of the TV working on some cross-stitch project. It's the way I am and I am not going to change. He knows it. heck, he likes to work math problems in his spare time and that is something I will not ever be interested in! LOL I'm not sure what to tell you other than don't give up what you enjoy just because he doesn't understand it. You accomodate his leisure activities, so he can certainly do the same for you!

Wowee! Thank you so much for pointing me to Bren's blog a while back- she is fabulouso! and this freebie rocks! put in a good word for a guest CT for me if she ever needs one ;)

I hope you have a great evening with your mom.

Mish said...

I'm glad you explained a little bit more about your DH...I was worried for you! I love the bit about him liking your hair the way it is...that's a scream! I say if you want to color it, do it. There is something very unnerving about gray hair!!

Thanks for the heads up on Bren's freebie. How does these people have time to make freebies??