Thursday, March 08, 2007

hi again. My momma is home and wonderful and happy...I am home and reasonably settled. The boys are off somewhere with Brandon. I get some me time,lol.

Guess what guess what.

My freebie is up at SDK. Every month the crew puts together a free Mega have to go through the store. One to Two pieces are released at a time. I get to go first this month!!! woohoooo

Here is a preview...go grab it if you want can tell me here if you grabbed it...I would love to know if you like it or not...kind of different for me. If you don't like it, that is ok too. We get colors assigned to us for the mega kit and then we can create from there...I decided to go outside my box a bit. when I looked at the color I thought of a pond. If you DO like it...I might make a few more things to go with it. So I need to know if I should or not.

On to just a minor venttttt,lol.

So...the other day Chase's school made me feel guilty for having Chase miss too much school (remember he missed 5 from vacation...went tummy virus and missed two...then got a reallly bad cold thing and missed 3. I felt horrible...but no way could he go...he was really sick. So today Bran packed him off and sent him to school...said he felt better...was eating and slept good.( I wasn't here) The flippin teacher sent him to the nurses office after being there 1/2 hour due to green stuff in his nose. For kripes sake. We have had two kids that have had been runny and snotty for like 2months. The nurse told brandon that he didn't have to come get him since he seemed ok...she would call him if that changed. I am just so beyond irritated can I just telllllll youuuuuuu! Ok...I feel better now...thanks for listening.

Have a great day!


Janice said...

I went to SDK to get your download Tracy! I love it and would enjoy some elements if you have the time.


LVMommy22 said...

i'm on my way to get your papers - they're really cute! so, your pond needs a frog and some water splashes. lol! looking forward to whatever you make ...

:) M

PSharp said...

Love it. I grew up around a small lake.

shellshok said...

Yes I got this the day it went up I believe. Its great love the papers. Thanks!

lori said...

gorgeous!!! I'll have to go download it!

Snug said...

I have no idea how to download your freebies. Where are the links ?? I am so frustrated and really hope you can help me.
It's the freebies in your store I am talking about.
Hugs, Snug