Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well hey and howdy! This new blogger is pretty easy to use. lovin it!

oh...and the link for the photobooks below didn't here is a new here to go to site. And the sale is till the 16th. phew.

Hope everyone is great today. It is so so so cold here today. The gutters and my sodas outside were frozen! brrr to the bone baby.

The boys are at my aunt's having a blast. I miss them like crazy, but it was a good thing they were gone. I had a stomach thing going on yesterday. My mom had it last week and she passed it along, isn't she sweet? So...I didn't get to do all I wanted, wahhhh. I didn't make it to my fave thrift store nor did I get to go out with my girlfriends...didn't want to use a public toilet (dinner and movies) constantly kwim?

But...I stayed all bundled up at home. Got two layouts done. Got to watch some of my tivo shows and read a couple magazines. I hate hate hate sleeping in a house by myself...I get scared (yesss....I am a wusssss. Must be all the crime shows and books I read,lol) and I miss my family. It was past 1a before I fell asleep.

Got up and put together a prize for my last double trouble sketch challenge at Digital Freebies. I think I will have to hold a monthly sketch challenge on the blog...I will miss my chickies over there.

Here is the prize...a compilation of some of my must haves for digiscrapping.

Do you want to play in the challenge? Well ok then...if you missed the first sketch...I will give you a second chance. Here it is...and I also have a freebie template for you to use. Now...for the first half of the prize...use the sketch and or template to do a layout. Post a link to it in the comment section here and include your email addy so I can send you the first part of the prize.

The first sketch:
~*~*~*~Click here to download the free template~*~*~*~

(I have some great takes on the challenge to share as soon as I get permission from their creators).

To get to the second here and go to Digital Freebies to play.

Now...on to my layouts:

This one is using Audra Little's (my buddy from raks and amy's CT. she just told me I get to work with her funnnn) Grandma's Attic kit available at It is a pic of Brandon and his family. Going to ask his mom the year and the occassion and then update the journaling.

This one is my first CT assignment for Valerie Foster's CT! I used her Love Buzz fun! love it. and she has a freebie for it on her site right now. Go here and register in the forums. Then go to the product announcements for her gift. Make sure to say thanks too...tell her tracy sent you to the site, lol, ;)

After getting the prize put together and uploaded, I went through lots of galleries to leave some love. I like to go back like a week or so and try to pick layouts that don't have a lot of comments. Also trying to get to all the people that do my challenges.

Now to shower (yup...almost 3p and still in jammies,lol) and straighten up...Brandon will be home this evening. We can cuddle and watch a movie or play some scrabble...uninterrupted. then go get my babies in the morning..she wants to keep them one more night...after I stop by the Goodwill by my aunt's. Hers is freakin awesome up there...way better than ours.

love and hugs to everyone!!!


AmyK said...

Thanks for the fab template, Tracy! I've been looking for something like this for a few weeks! I love your must-haves too - rockin! :)

Kim said...

I haven't tried the new blogger yet. It's good, huh?

It's cold here too. I had to go put on an extra pair of socks and am wrapped up in a blanket, and I'm still cold.

Glad the boys are having fun. Hope you're feeling better. I don't think I've ever slept here totally alone since we had the kids, but it makes me nervous when dh is out of town or out really late too - and I don't do crime shows or books! lol

The layouts are beautiful! Did you really mean heinous though, or did you mean highness? Heinous seems like a pretty strong word for such an angelic looking face. LOL

Robin said...

Love your pages and your template too Tracy! I'm so glad you are back to blogging girl!!!!

Melinda said...

Fab-O template! thank you! and your princess purse takeoff looks great!

Cold here still too- my Diet Coke cans out in the garage are a bit slushy ;) It does make for some good drinking, I just hope it warms up soon since I don't want an explosion out there! yikes that would be scary!!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for the freebie! Its awesome!

Donnatopia said...

Thanks for giving us a second chance with the Double trouble sketch challenge. I loved working with your template. Thanks for sharing. Here's a link to my LO. (Want to make sure I get both halves of the posting gift...LOL)

Donnatopia said...

ooooops, I forgot to give you my email address. It is Thanks again!

Sylvia said...

Thanks so much for this great template!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the free template. I had so much fun working with it.

Here's the link to my lay-out:

My email add is

Serena said...

Here's my entry!!

I really hope I made it in time, if not, I understand! (had computer problems. :( )

I liked the template and it was fun to make. Sorry I didn't change it around.. I already had the idea in mind so the "creative" part of it wasn't in doing something different. Heh. Sorry!

Serena said...

Oops.. and my email just in case..

ryienLenai at aol dot com. :)

shebadoo said...


Thank you so much for the Year in Review template. It has really saved me a lot of time.

Here's the link to my LO

I would also really, really love to also receive part one of you must haves! (wink, wink)

my email is shebadoo at gmail dot com

Ruby said...

Tracy, I have been working on this. I posted on my blog

I did the other half at Digital Freebies.

I wasn't sure of the deadline for this. Hope I'm not too late, but either way I ended up with a nice page.

my e-mail is

P.S. In the blog entry there is also a logo I made this week partly using one of your tutorials. Take a look, hope you like it.

CellyOneill said...

Lovely LOs !!
Thanks so much for the great template!