Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to my friend Melinda. I have met some wonderful people the last couple years. Even though they are people I have never met IRL, I still consider them friends. A lot of them I would love to hang with. Melinda is one of them. I tease her that I want to be her next door neighbor. She is such a great person, mom and wife. She makes me want to be better at all of those things. Today we celebrate the day of your birth and the amazing person you have become!

Love ya girlie!

I used Eva kipler's dream joy kit from SBB


Melinda said...

awwww! thanks! I'd love to be your neighbor too :)

Robin said...

how pretty! i consider myself soooooo lucky to have met melinda! she is one of my favorite people - just like you are! :)

rskscrap said...

Beautiful card Tracy.