Friday, January 12, 2007

Toot Toot Toot, lol.

So....GUESS WHAT???? I got on a CT!!!!! For the wildly talented and super unique designer Valerie Foster!!! I am so excited! Didn't tell anyone I applied cause I don't like rejection...but she took this little homeless scrapper in! You have got to check out her work Be looking for some layouts from me using her creations soon! She has NINE other great gals so you should be seeing a lot of her work out there!

Today is collllddddd even for me. It is 30 something but windy so that makes it worse. The boys want to play outside but yesterday (after I bundled them to the butts) they quickly changed their minds. So we headed off to Burger King to play on their inside playpark. I was sooooo goooood. The boys had their nuggets and fries. I asked for a cup of ice and poured my Low Carb protein shake over it and sucked away. Sighhhhhh,lol. How I long for my size 6 body back. But hey, I will take my size 10 back in a heart beat. I took off the few pounds I gained back, so the total lost so far is 11lbs. Not a poke in the eye with a very sharp stick, but man I want it to go faster.

The old body is a tad sore after yesterday's workout, but I set off on the elliptical this a.m. boy am I a wimp. Gone are the days I worked out for 3hrs. Geesh,lol. Hayden was so cute...doing the stretches with me. I really want to be a healthy example for them so this is good.

Bran is leaving to go to Monterrey to dive tomorrow. If the boys stay well, my aunt will take the boys for the night...leaving me some time to chill, scrap and watch Tivo, lol.

I went back to toys r us and totally stocked up on presents for upcoming bdays. What an awesome clearance sale they are having. And got the boys all new undies and socks too! And I had some good Karma going on for me...(that is one of ongoing experiments. treating ppl better than I would want to be treated...and I have been getting treated so nice in return...crazy huh, lol). So the guy behind the counter said to his you have your card on you? can you swipe it for me? the other guy she your girlfriend, cousin or what? He gave me their associate's discount. how cool is that!!?!?! Nice people Rock So Hard!

Can you imagine the world if we all let people go in front of us on the streets instead of leaving them stranded in the parking lots, if we had a full cart of groceries and someone with only a couple of items is behind us...and we go ahead...I am not in a hurry. Or if the little kid is trying to buy something and is short a dime...and you you go. The little things people...they just make life nicer ya know? off to dry my hair and do some speech exercises with hayden and return this blasted ant farm chase got from his was all corroded inside...was supposed to be this lime green gel...and ours is all nasty and brown and gross. poor guy,lol

have a wonderful day. I challenge you to leave some love in the galleries...go to people's layouts that don't have a lot of comments. You will make their day. Even if it isn't your style...find something nice to say. And let someone cut in front of you, ;)


Raji said...

Congrats Tracy:) I'm so happy for you. You are an excellent scrapper & in no time, you'll get into many more CT's. Now off to leave some love in the galleries:)

Melinda said...

Congrats, Sweets! Some cool looking stuff there- can't wait to see what you do with it :)

Tania said...

Yay! Congrats Tracy!

Laura (lmayruby) said...

Congrats Tracy!! How little do you know that people would take you onto their CT in a HEART BEAT! You are so awesome creatively and a super person to boot.

I've been wondering where you've been. And... I've been wondering how not only you, but everyone, does it all!! I'm glad for you that you're doing some personal reflecting in living life and now getting to scrap it more as well.

Oh... and congrats on the weight.. 11 pounds - HURRAY FOR YOU!!! I've been on South Beach since about Thanksgiving and lost 11 as well. My favorite treat is some light whip cream, peanut butter, and fat free cream cheese... peanut butter pie without the crust. YUM.

Well have a wonderful day... you deserve it!

Kim said...

Congrats on the CT gig! And woo hoo for good karma! :)