Tuesday, January 16, 2007

happy end of tuesday! I had such a great day today...making this short as I am whooped and I have a feeling little mite (Hayden) won't fall asleep without some more singing, lol.

Cleaned and cleaned today...then headed off to shop. Went to Michaels and bought some stuff to donate for Chase's class. The school doesn't provide a lot of art supplies and no one really donates too much in our class...so it leaves the teacher, a few other mommies and me. sigh.

While there, I picked up this fun goodie for me....on sale! So much in their home decor section I wanted. It is a recipe book holder...and has these cool things that hold the pages open.

Also got some supplies for some fun altered art and hybrid projects.

I am sure you have all heard about the princess purse craze...well...I want one! But I have to wait for my bday. sighhhh. So I took it upon my self to make do till then. I took a tote and made my own. Enter sticky velcro, hot glue, ribbons and buttons...made a page...wallaaaa. the real thing looks WAY cuter...will take some pics in better light tomorrow. just got these for now. but you get the idea. not too bad if I do say so, lol. Will hold me over till the real thing comes!

I used Amy Knepper's Young and Carefree kit and based it off my layout the simple things. based on sketch challenge 7 by Andrea C from the digi shoppe used her template for the waves.

btw...on ebay I found someone selling them a little bit cheaper. $27 (includes shipping) for the first...$23 for any after that. The paper princess is almost $31 or more depending on how you have it sent.

I work in Chase's class tomorrow...will be fun! Will chat with you all after that. Don't forget to scroll down and get the template and stitch freebies in previous posts.

cheers and love!


Gina said...

Cuuuuuuuuuute! Cute! Cute! CUTE!!! KAAAAA-UTE! LOL I love it, Tracy! I think you did a great job :)

How the heck are ya?!

AmyK said...

You are SO clever, mama!! How cute is this???? I love the page you did too. You are so rockin! :)

Robin said...

This turned out GREAT Tracy! Love your bag!!!!! :)

Kim said...

Love the bag! How fun and resourceful! :)

cathy said...

Too cute! Who needs the real thing, WTG!