Tuesday, January 17, 2006

well...dh comes home tomorrow from his super relaxing, long vacation in Texas. He went for 8 days (I originally said 10, doh). He is visiting my inlaws...where is ever perfect (she really is) step mom cooks everything for them, cleans up after them, and even does his laundry while he and his dad hunt, go boating and fish. hurumph! lol

But..to tell you the truth...it has been nice. the boys and I have gotten along famously...doing whatever we want whenever we want. Sleeping in the same bed (I will pay for that, I know), hanging...bonding....playing. Why is it so much easier when he isn't around, lol. Ever since he has been working at home, our routine has been so out of whack.

I have been trying to organize and downsize also. Going through literally boxesssss of clothes from my before Hayden days and my before Chase days. Dang I was tiny, lol. I didn't think so then, but now I am like...I fit in THAT?!@? I am going to donate my work clothes to Weave and ebay some of the boys and my other clothes. Need to really start getting some more money coming in.

We had a couple sunny days, so that was nice...it is dreary once again. I don't mind it so much for me...but the boys are such OUTDOOR creatures, that I am praying that spring will be speedy, lol. They are never cranky, sad, mean or anything but happy when outside. WE are hoping to do a lot of coastal and mountain camping this summer. I can't wait. We took Chase a few timeswhen he was about 21months to 2yrs and he loveeeeddd it. But boy...I will be on my toes with these two, lol.

more later.

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Tania said...

Ah, I'm glad you had a nice few days, I agree, it's sometimes easier when we only have the kids to take care of and not the adult kid too. I love those kits :)