Saturday, January 14, 2006

Can we all say bad blogger bad blogger bad blogger. Wow...I cannot believe how long has gone by since I have checked in here. sigh....I always start off with the best intentions. I just get so sucked into life...trying to deal with my two little of which has such a "spark" to him, lol. love and passion. My home...which I am trying to pay more attention to. My marriage...which was needing some attending to.

But I really think it will be good to check in here more. So, I hope it will happen.

Really trying to get more people into the exchange club at raks...where we take our own creations, those donated by Rak members and those donated by designers and create our quickpages that we share with each other.

Also trying to do more layouts....I so enjoy doing those. Right now I am a little slap happy with I will turn in. But at least I checked in!


Raji said...

That is a beautiful kit Tracy. Love the anniversary kit. I just made one layout using it. Now you've inspired me to make more out of it.

Raji said...

Oops, I meant to say that is a beautiful layout. I need more sleep, lol.

Tania said...

Hi Tracy!! I love new posts :)