Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ok...sooo I have been blog hopping...I have been thinking....I have been wishing...and decided I won't make actual resolutions...but a list. So...here goes my list

Things that make me happy:

diet soda...oh...first thing in the morning...that fizz...that tingle..that taste...yummmm. (I do intend to cut back...see below ;) )

my silly silly boys. They are so funny, quirky, intelligent, silly, intuitive...and did I say funny??? I love cuddling with them, playing, reading, doing arts and crafts, cooking, playing dragons... They make me smile every day.

my family. They may drive me crazy. They may be a little off...but they are mine. They ALWAYS are there for me. They don't judge me. They are unique, caring, and they oh so love my boys.

digi scrappin. I can do it anytime. I have met some wonderful people who I hope to get to know better. I feel creative. I feel that I am accomplishing something while having fun.

Chase's preschool. I love kids. I love their faces, their voices, their sense of wonder over everything. The fact that everything is new, exciting, un-jaded, fantastic and coooool with them. That I am the ONLY mom who plays hide and seek, basketball, tea party etc with them. That they are just so open and accepting. That I get to help them learn, trust, nurture, develop friendships and sense of self...I just love being on the board there and will oh so miss it next year. wahhhh


Things that I miss:

Being girly. I used to delight in doing my nails, wearing perfume, giving myself pedicures, wearing cute jammies....so doesn't happen right now...and so is going on my intention list. Part of it is becoming a mom. I do all for them...I come last. And I am so tired. Part of it is being so sick this last year. And part of it is how I have let myself go....not losing weight, going to the gym etc. I guess maybe I don't think I am girly anymore...so has to change

Reading. oh..I miss reading books. I used to have 3 books going at a time. ahhh...I miss that. Seems like every spare min I have is spent playing with my kiddos, teaching them, digi scrappin, cleaning, or trying to sleep.

Baths. Don't get me wrong...didn't take them nightly....or even weekly...but I did take them and loveeeddd them. The warm sudsy water...the candles...the smell...the shaving every part of my leg without missing...the whole shebang. Then came kids...then came digi scapping....then came some movie where the guy said...I don't get baths...soaking in your own filth...ewwwww. hmmmm.

My old friends from my Capitol days. I worked at the Capitol for over 11yrs. Almost all my friends were met there. Most of my days were spent either there or with people from there. Then I became a SAHM (which they just didn't understand), had another baby, became sick and depressed, got a little better and just kept trucking...but I still miss them...and working for that matter.

Working...I love being with my kiddos...but I miss that part of me that shined and sparkled and thrived in the work place. As does dh, I am afraid.

Things I intend:

To de-clutter and organize home

To lose some weight

To look at the bright side of everything (even if it is after bitching about the annoyance of it first)

To do my feet and nails

To cuddle with dh more and wink wink

did I mention organize

contact old friends

only eat bad once a week but make it something I reallllllllly like instead of mindless grazing

oh yeahhhhh....and organize!

ahhh...feel better just getting some on "paper"


mrs.S said...

TRACY!!!!! Gosh, I so missed hopping over here, and I'm so glad you're writing again. Really good stuff you have planned this year. Ok, I'm off to read the stuff I've missed on your blog....Smoochies, girl!!!

Robin said...

This is great Tracy. Love the list of girly things you miss - I am so not girly! LOL! Best of luck with all your plans!

Kim Smith (vkimmycat) said...

"then came some movie where the guy said...I don't get baths...soaking in your own filth...ewwwww. hmmmm."

This is too funny - I remember saying that to my Mom when I was about 12 (had discovered boys, lol). Since then, it's been showers, showers, showers. Baths are for cuddling with your special someone, winding down from the day's events, getting in touch with each other.........but take a shower afterwards - ROFL!