Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today is starting off to be a doozy, lol. The boys woke up ready for action! And it is cold and rainy---never a good combo for my two. They Love love love to be outdoors! I was telling a friend last night...Hayden is like a Werewolf...he turns into this crazy monster...not at the full moon...but at the rain! It is true...everytime the clouds let loose their liquid sunshine (as I think of it...I happen to enjoy the rain) his hair sticks up, his eyes get this extra twinkle and he goes bonkers! We have to be known as the crazy people on the block. You can often find us in our rain clothes playing around outside...we just cannot stay in for too long. So they are bouncing off the walls already. ughhh.

Then...my darling husband realllly hurt my feelings this morning. In his defense...he is a totally analytical person....not good with feelings etc. I am also pretty anayltical but have been blesses/cursed with an overabandance of feelings. Every personality test I take shows me right down the middle with Left and right brain tendencies, lol. So...he is totally stressed with everything that is going on...he has a leisure show this weekend to promote his new business plus all the regular sprinkler design he has to do. And I was trying to love on him and be sweet and he got irritated and shook me off...yup...literally...shook me off. Boy did my temper flare...meowwwwwww!

Phew! But we talked it out and all is good, lol. That is the really bad thing about him working from home...it is hard for me to not want to talk about something or get a love when he is walking from point a to b. I really need to work on that.

I am still amazed that we humans are expected to mate for life in the SAME house!!! lol. I still like the idea of the big duplex with the adjoining door. He could decorate his way...I could keep it as clean/cluttered as I want...he could have his space and me mine...and we could meet to tango and dine!

Well...off for now...time to tame the beasts...I have a feeling playdough his hanging from the ceiling fan!

Have a fantastic day!

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Jen Reed said...

I had to laugh at this... my hubby is like you. I can't walk from A to B without him wanting a hug or something... drives me crazy most times. lol! I am so not the touchy feely person and he is. I need to work on that. Don't think you should change at all. lol!