Saturday, January 05, 2008

hi there scrap happy people. I am actually blogging again. I am trying to do it more. So....we survived yesterday. It was so crazy here. 60+mph winds, downed trees everywhere, plants, fences and even an airplane were tossed around...yup an airplane. a small sessna that wasn't tied down right. picked up and thrown over a fence into a ditch. We kept our power though lots and lots lost theirs. My inlaws lost their skylight...the roofers obviously didn't screw it on....they only found one screw hole. Geesh. We played tons and tons of games...the boys and I. Pass the pigs, monopoly jr, sequence for kids and uno. We also did lots of paper crafting. I had to keep Hayden's mind of the storm. The lights flickering on and off really started to freak him out a bit. The cats were NOT amused by the whole thing. AT ALLLLLL.

But...all is ok if messy. It slowed down last night and didn't start to storm again till a couple hours ago. Now another break.

here are just a couple pics.

We have this HUGE redwood in our front yard...yeah...I know...a beautiful tree...but way too big for a residential area. anyhoooos. it was spit up at the top...growing two different ways. hugeeeee part (thing length of my car or more) slammed down with lots of little branches thrown up to 20ft.

my inintended swimming pool filling up, lol

trellis being torn apart and pots of flowers thrown to the right.

oh well...nothing too bad. the worst is the fence that we now have to redo with the neighbors...the posts are shot. sighh. bout some fun xmas goodies to show off?

my xmas card. I used rachel youngs goodies from funky playground designs

falala mini
we wish you the merriest element pack and foil alpha
and her awesome foil flakes

my little hambones showing off.

Carin wanted to see some xmas gifts that I made...I can show a other camera card is at my aunt's. ackkkk. I will get it back soon I hope. all my xmas pics are pretty much on there.

here is the front of the gift bags for their teachers.

some goodies we made to put in bags for the office staff, cafeteria gals, janitors, crossing guard, other fave teachers and people at school. the pretzels were inspired by Ms. Gina Miller

bags were decorated with Jingle Jangle Goodies by Jacque Larson and Rachel Young available here.

a shot of all the bags before the last day of school

what the appreciation bag toppers say.

Then I made this paper bag was so fun and easy and looks so great in person.

you take lunch bags. then you stack them horizontally on top of each other...but you swith what side the ends are on each time. so you alternate the opening being on the right, then the left and so on.

then you mark where you want your holes to go, then punch them. (some people like to sew the spine, but my machine would NOT do it no matter how I begged it. sigh)

I then tied the first ribbons to just hold it together.

I used my double sided scrap tape to adhere my layouts on...I made them smaller to kind of frame them a bit. Next time I will ink and glitter the edges I think.

I took cardstock and cut it to fit into the open end pockets and attached ribbons to the first few. then I taped some layouts and journaling on them and put them in.

next I attached my front ribbons and ricrac. Sewed on a button. Threaded embroidery thread through the back to make the tie.

Walllah! They loved it!

for the cover and the pages shown here I used Christmas Cheer and Merry Memories by Bren Boone at Scrapbook Graphics

Now for a goodie for you sweeties. A Card template with an envelope template. I hope you can find a good use for it!

click here to download and make a beautiful card and send to someone who you would like to make happy. We all like getting something other than bills in the mail...make sure to leave me a little hello and tell me how your new year is going.

off to try to scrap a layout before daddy tires of entertaining the rugrats!

hugs and happy scrapping!


Miss j aka mixedclawzz said...

Thanks bunches for the template. I love the paperbag album. What a great idea! Very cute. Thanks for the idea.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

IkeaGoddess said...

Glad you weathered the storm and weren't hurt. The bag toppers are cute, I wish I worked at your boys' school ;-) The paper bag scrapbook you made is fabulous, I have never seen anything like that - you have the best ideas. I love the ribboned cardstock pages to pull out, very creative. Thank you for sharing the thinking of you card, it's adorable. I'm happy to hear from you more often :-)

Nicole said...

I haven't been around lately to see what you've been up to, but I'm glad I stopped by:) Your lo's are amazing, as always. I LOVE that page with pics from your wedding. GORGEOUS! Your paper bag album looks so cute. I made one as a gift for one of hubby's co-workers. He always invites us to his cabin in the summer, so I made the album & filled it with pics from our times there. They loved it. Thanks for the templates--I make cards a lot so they'll come in handy. Hope you're having a great start to 2008, even with the storms.

clc said...

Thanks so much for the card and envelope templates! Glad you weathered the storm without too much damage!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

glad to hear you were spared the biggest part of the damage! I had to chuckle b/c I didn't think anyone else had ever heard of pass the pigs!!!! When I was very young (late elementary school) I used to collect pigs and someone bought that game for me for my "collection" :) I saw it at target a while back and almost bought it :D
thank you so very much for the freebie! and also for the inspiration with the lunch bag album...I really want to try it, but keep putting it off :)
have a blessed week!
~fantacy (aka Scrappin Hillbilly Sweetpea)