Friday, January 04, 2008

hi all. this is going to be a short one....we are having a NASTY storm here! But I wanted to share a great find today!

my buddy Kim Hill's store--CGEssentials--is Three!!!!! Happy birthday! wooohoooooo! and she is having a heck of a sale!!! yayayayay again!

Here is her newest kit, Memory Lane, which I just love. Great colors, wonderful elements and it is so versatile. Heritage, family, baby, boy...all pics will be set off to perfection with it.

Here is a layout I made with the kit

Another of her kits I love is a custom kit she was commissioned to make (yup...she does that too. You can have her design your very own kit!!!)
It is called love and marriage and it is so fun. I love it. and it, too, is versatile.

a layout of hubby and I on our wedding day using this kit.

she has so many wonderful won't be dissapointed...unless you miss the sale! to play another game of Pass the Pigs with the boys. ughhhh. this weatherrrrr!

tomorrow I will show you pics of my poor yard...downed fence, tree, plants and all. wahhhh. will also have a treat for you!

see you then.
hugs and happy scrapping

oh...and miss Jen. I will put up my old templates...soon. I have a little coupon for you...will send it out this weekend for you to pick up that pack.

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carin said...

Hi Tracy,
If you have pics and time, I'd love to see some of the things you made for mentioned it awhile ago, and you always do such neat stuff!
Have a great day! Hope the weather calms down!