Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wow!!! Yesterday was Lil Chaseman's birthday part. Phew....exhausting doesn't even cover it...but it was so much fun. This year I kept if realllllly simple as far as teh invite list. Just the 6 kids (including mine) total and some good friends and family. It was so nice. The weather co-operated, Chase loved the decor (he has been telling people for weeks....I am having a pre-historic reptile party) and everyone just had the best time.

My oldest and youngest daughters were here; my mom and aunt spent the night prior with us and helped get ready; my MIL and SIL came;Our good friends the Strands and the Baldez's came; our new neighbor Tyler was perfect.

Chase just amazes me. He is so sweet and sensitive and curious and thoughtful and loving. I never expected to see such a giant soul in such a little body. He definately was sent to do something special. I am so blessed to be able to be in his life and witness it.


Tania said...

Ahh, looks like fun! Happy Bday Chase lil man!

mrs.S said...

A pre-historic reptile party? Wow, too cool, Tracy! I'm sure your little man loved it, and I can see that from the photos too! Give him a huge birthday hugs from me, won't ya?